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[Isle of Grain, Thames Estuary] [Tankers]KT6/107


Charles Meehan & Son [Aberystwyth]ML6

Godfrey F. Meek [Newnham, Gloucs]IP1/146*

Mein, Wooding & Co. [Barry Dock, S. Wales]KM/117

Meiros Collieries Ltd [Cardiff]BH4/46KT3/61

John Mellor & Sons

[Guide Bridge, Ashton under Lyne]BH5/78[part view]

Mells [‘MELLS’] [Frome]LT50

Melonie & Goulder Ltd [Ipswich]BH1/69

Melton Mowbray Coal ClubBH2/99

Melton Mowbray Co-operative Society LtdBH2/100

Mendip Mountain Quarries Co. [Cranmore, Somerset]AT3

The Merchant Trading Co. Ltd [“ACME”] [London]


Henry Merchant [Gloucester]IP2/50*IP3/124*

Elizabeth Meredith Jones [Blaenau Ffestiniog]PM/42

Guéret Llewellyn Merrett – see GLM

George Merrylees [Dalkeith, Longlevens]IP3/124*

Thomas Merthyr Ltd [Merthyr area]AW/155

John Metcalf [Accrington]BH5/85*

Metropolitan Cammell Carriage Wagon & Finance Co. Ltd

Birmingham][2T steel wagon]CS/123

Micklefield Coal & Lime Co. Ltd [Yorks]BH3/40KT2/27

Mid - Cannock Colliery [Cannock]KM/117

Mid - Southern Utility Company [Aldershot]LT40

Middleton Colliery [Leeds]BH3/42

Midland Coal & Cannel Co. Ltd [‘M C C’] [Rotherham]AT1

BH5/71[poor view]

Midland Coal Co. [1] [Bristol]IP3/57*

Midland Coal Co. [2] [Bristol]IP3/57*

Midland Coal Co. [3] [Bristol]IP3/57*

Midland Coal, Coke & Iron Co. Ltd

[Apedale, Newcastle, Staffs]AT2     LT22-23ML38

Midland Colliery Wagons Ltd [London]AT2

Midland Railway [Various] [Tankers]RT185RT2/19

Midland Railway-Carriage & Wagon Co. Ltd


Midland Tar Distillers [Unknown] [old D-shaped tanker]RT187

W. Miles [Stroud, Gloucs]IP2/168KM/117

Milkwall Ironstone Co. [Milkwall, Gloucs]IP1/157

William Millard [Gloucester]IP2/50

Millbrook Colliery Co. [nr Crumlin, S. Wales]KM/117

Miller & Lilley Ltd [Honiton & other Devon locations]BH3/109

A. Millington [Market Harborough, Leics]AT2

The Millom & Askham Hematite Iron Co

[also Millom Iron Works] [Millom, Cumberland]

- Steel hopper wagonBH4/92

Millon Co-operative Society Ltd [Cumberland]AT1

Geo. Mills & Sons [Cirencester]AT1IP2/138KM/118

William J. Mills [Bristol]IP3/57*

Milner Thomas & Co. Ltd [Brentford] [Firestone Tyres]KT3/57

T. Milner [Oswestry]ML24

A. H. Milton & Co. [Father] [Bristol]IP3/59*

W.W. Milton & Co. [Son] [‘MILTON’] [Bristol]IP3/59KM/118

Frederick Minchin [Cirencester]IP2/139*

The Minera Lime Co. Ltd [nr Wrexham]AT1ML40

Mineral Oil Corporation Ltd [London] [Tankers]RT187

Minett & Co [Wickwar, Gloucs]IP2/220*

Ministry of Defence [Various] Tanker]RT2/25

Ministry of Munitions – see also War Department

Tankers, various locationsKT5/114RT300RT2/25


Wagon [20 Ton hopper]KT6/163

Ministry of Supply [Various] [Tanker]RT187RT2/42

Minorca – see Measham Collieries Ltd

Mirfield Industrial Co-operative Society Ltd

[Mirfield, nr Huddersfield]BH5/42

J.H. Mitchell & Son [London]AT3BH4/9

T. Mitchell [Guildford]KM/119

Mitchell’s [Wombswell, nr Barnsley]AT1

Mobil Petroleum Co. Ltd [“VACUUM” & “Mobil”]

– see also Procor  [London][Tankers]               RT187&c

Modern Transport Co. [Liverpool, Leeds, London, Hull]BH3/10BH5/26      KT8/114

Moger & Co.Ltd [London]

– see also Cornwall and Moger LtdAT2BH2/113


Moira Colliery Co. Ltd [Leics/Derbys]AT1KT1/80KT5/166KT8/152*

‘Molasses From Home Grown Beet’

– see English Beet Sugar Corporation Ltd, Cantley

Molasses Tankers [listed by owner elsewhere in index]KT6/175

Mold Collieries Ltd [Bromfield, Mold, Flintshire]AW/154

Monckton – see New Monckton Collieries Ltd

Monks Ferry Steam Coal Co. [Chincolt, Birkenhead]AW/92

Edward William Boult Monks [Bristol]IP3/60*

Monmouth Steam Saw Mills Co. Ltd [Monmouth] IP1/131KM/119

Montagu Higginson & Co. Ltd [Liverpool] – see letter ‘H’

Montgomeryshire Coal & Lime Co. [Llynclys]ML12*

Montpelier Coal Co. [Bristol]IP3/60*

A.E.Moody [Sharpness, Gloucs]IP1/111IP2/212KM/119

A. G. Moore & Co. [‘MOORE’] [Glasgow]AW/123

John Moore [Askham in Furness, Cumberland]BH5/84*

Walter Moore & Sons [London]KT1/82KT6/167

Moresby Coal Co. Ltd [Whitehaven, Cumbria area]BH3/11

S.J. Moreland & Sons [Gloucester]IP1/128IP2/51KM/120

Morgan & Son [Llanidloes]ML12*

Morgan Bros [Monmouth]IP1/122KM/120

Arthur Morgan [Forest of Dean]IP1/145*

A.S. Morgan & Co. [Newport, Monmouthshire]KM/120

E.P & R.L. Morgan [also ‘MORGAN’]

[Cinderford, Gloucs]IP1/76KM/121

Richard L. Morgan [Swansea]KT4/161KM/121

W. E. Morgan [Welshpool]ML28

W. Laugharne Morgan & Co. [Swansea]KT3/58

Morley Corporation Gas Works Dept [Morley nr Leeds]BH5/43

Messrs Morrells [Bixslade, nr Parkend, Gloucs]IP1/146*

Morris & Griffin [Newport, Monmouthshire]

[Flatbed wagon]RE/41

[Slurry tank wagon]KM/121

Morris & Holloway [Hereford]KM/122KT2/87

Morris & Shaw Ltd [nr Tamworth]AT3BH3/85KT6/108

Morris Bros [Camberley]AT1

Alfred Morris [unknown]CS/180[tiny photo of Stafford sidings]

Henry Morris [Clynderwen]KM/121

Henry Morris (1958) Ltd [Newport, Mon.] [Tanker]AC47RT190

J. & M. Morris Ltd [Welshpool]ML28*

John G. Morris [Wigan] [1870s wagon]AW/175LT46

Tom Morris [Gloucester]IP2/52KM/122

W. Morris & Sons [Newtown, Powys]ML23*

William Morris Ltd [Newport, Monmouthshire &

throughout England]  AT1IP1/124KT3/60

James Mortimer [Hunslett, Leeds]CS/106[tiny photo]

Mortimore [Chippenham]IP1/120

Moss Hall [Coal Co. Ltd] [Wigan]

– see also Pearson & Knowles Coal & Iron Co. LtdAW/93KT8/126

Mossfield Colliery Co. [Stoke on Trent]KT6/109ML40*

Mottram Wood Colliery Co. Ltd  [Barnsley]AT3KT1/83

[William] Moulton & Co. [Aberdare]KM/122

George Moxon & Sons [Huddersfield]BH5/27KT7/76

Thomas Moy [‘MOY’] [Colchester]AT2BH1/71CS/129KT5/116      KT8/154*

[MOY ‘Peterborough’ wagon]CS/129[tiny photo]

Thomas Mulford [Clifton Down Station, Bristol]IP3/60

F. G. Mullis & Sons [‘MULLIS’] [Clifton Down, Bristol]IP1/132IP3/61

A. Munday [Bognor Regis]AT1

Edwin Munslow [Hereford]KM/123

Murco Petroleum Ltd [Various]

[Tanker, but shows markings only, 1968 on]RT190

J. O. Murgatroyd & Co. Ltd [London]KT7/78

Murphy Brothers Ltd [Waterford, Eire]PM/18

C. Murrell & Sons [Wimbledon]AT1KM/123

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