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[WW1 tanker] [Chilwell, Notts]KT5/114

Nuneaton Colliery    KT3/66

Nunnery Colliery Co. [nr Sheffield]AT3

Nunnery Silkstone Colliery [nr Sheffield]AT1AT3

W. & W. Nunnery [Ellesmere]ML8

James Nurse [Oswestry]ML24*

Oakbank Oil Co. Ltd [Glasgow] [Tankers]AC90     RT201&c


James Oakes & Co. [various, Notts/Derbys]AT3KT1/94

Amos Oakley [Stoke Mandeville]KT2/125

O. B. [Avonmouth] [Tanker]IP3/114

Ocean Steam Coal Company [‘OCEAN’] [Treorchy, Rhondda]

– see also United National Collieries Ltd  AT3AW/162KM/127KT3/99LT34LT52LT84*RE/57

‘O.C.O.’ – see Olympia Oil & Cake Co. Ltd

John H. Oglesby [Scrawby, Lincs]KT5/120

Ohlson & Co. [Hull]BH1/38

Old Radnor Lime, Roadstone & General Trading Co. Ltd

[‘OLD RADNOR’ etc] [Kington, Herefordshire]IP1/135KT8/120ML40

Old Roundwood Collieries [Wakefield]BH1/39

Old Silkstone Collieries Ltd [nr Barnsley]  AT2BH3/47KT3/67

W. J. Oldacre & Co. [Cleeve, Gloucs]IP2/109IP3/126*KM/127

[Mention of Cheltenham depot IP2/107*]

J. Oldfield & Co. [Llanrhaiadr] CS/73 [poor distant view]

Oldham Corporation Gas DepartmentBH2/40

John Olive & Co. [Wagon builders]]

[Summerseat nr Manchester]AW10

Olympia Oil & Cake Co. Ltd [“O.C.O.”] [Selby, Yorks]


C. W. Orchard [Bristol]IP3/66*

Ormiston Coal Co. Ltd [East Lothian]AT3

Orrell Colliery Co. Ltd [Wigan]AW/95

Osborn & Wallis [Bristol]IP3/67*

Osborne & Son [West Ham, London]KT2/92

Osman Barrett – see under ‘B’

Osman Trevor Powell – see ‘P’

Otley Gas Co. [nr Leeds]BH5/45

Owen & Hamer [Welshpool]ML28*

G. W. Owen [Cardigan]KM/127

Oxcroft Colliery Co. Ltd [nr Chesterfield]BH3/64KT5/120

The Oxford & District Gas Co. [Oxford]AT3

Oxfordshire Ironstone Co. [Banbury]

[Specialised side dump steel wagon]KM/128

Oxted Greaystone Lime [Oxted, Surrey]KT6/181

Packer [Uffington, Berks]KM/128

John E. Page Ltd [Bedford]KT3/68KT7/141

Palmer & Sawdye [Exeter]     KM/128            KT1/132  KT3/69


Palmer Mann & Co. Ltd [Sandbach]KT3/70

Parc-Y-Bryn Colliery Co. [Port Talbot]KM/129

Park & Blaina Collieries [Pantyffynnon]AW/163

The Park Collieries [Garswood, Lancs] – see J & R Stone

Park Gate Iron & Steel Co. Ltd [‘PARK GATE’]


Park Iron Ore & Coal Co. Ltd [Lydney]

– see also Norchard Colliery    CS/74IP1/48

Park Lane – see also Garswood Coal & Iron Co. [Wigan]AW/97

Parkend Coal Co. [Parkend, Gloucs]IP2/233*

Parkend Deep Navigation Colliery Ltd [Lydney, Gloucs]IP1/18

KM/x    KM/129

Parkend Tinplate Co. [Parkend, Gloucs]IP1/159*

Parker & Probert [Birmingham]BH5/27KM/130

G.T. Parker & Sons [Boston, Lincs]BH4/67

W.T. Parkes [Torquay]KM/130

Parkhouse Collieries Ltd [Chesterton, Stoke on Trent]AT2BH3/86

Parkinson & Co. [Bradford]AT3BH1/41

Parkinsons Lancashire Coals [Seacombe nr Birkenhead]AT2

Parry & Sons [Pillgwenlly, Newport, Mon.]KM/130

Parry, Son & Parry [Welshpool]ML28*

W. R. Parry [Newtown, Powys]ML23*

David Parsons & Sons [Cradley Heath]KT5/123

J. Parsons [Cirencester]IP2/139*

Partington Steel & Iron Co. Ltd [Irlam, nr Manchester]AW/96BH4/81KT8/105

Partridge Jones & John Paton Ltd

[‘P. J & J. P.’] [Monmouthshire]AT1KT3/70KT8/153*

Herbert D. Partridge [Worcester]KM/130

William Partridge [Dunton Green, Kent]KM/130

Pascoe Grenfell Ltd  - see Williams Foster & Co.

Thomas T. Pascoe [Swansea]       AW/179*     BH2/129KM/131KT4/163

The Patent Fuel Co. Warlichs Ltd [London]KM/131

Patent Nut & Bolt Co. Ltd [Cwmbran nr Newport]KT8/122

The Patent Victoria Stone Co. [Groby, Leics]KM/131

Pates & Co. [Cheltenham]IP1/113IP3/90KM/131

J. Patience [London]BH1/78

Pattinson & Co. [Sleaford, Lincs]BH5/81

T. Paul & Co. [Clifton Down, Bristol]IP3/69

Payne & Son [Hereford]IP1/137

E. R. Payne & Son [Parkend, Gloucs]IP1/150

F. Payne [Welwyn, Herts]AT1

J. Payne & Sons [Oxford]KM/132

P.D. [Middle Duffryn Sidings, nr Neath (?)]KM/128

Peake, Oliver & Peake Ltd [‘P.O.P.’] [London]KT6/123

Pearce & Co. [Cheltenham]IP2/92KM/132

Pearsall Ltd [PEARSALL’S][London]BH5/34KT7/82

A.T. Pearse [Burford, Oxon]KM/viii

Pearson & Knowles Coal & Iron Co. Ltd [also ‘P K’]

[Wigan & Warrington]  AW/98KT8/124

T. Pearson [St Albans]KM/132

Pease & Partners Ltd [nr Doncaster]AT1KT2/93

J. LL. Peate & Sons [with two ‘LL’s, although ML9

calls them ‘LI’] [Llanfair Caereinion]ML9

N. Pegg & Co. Ltd [London]BH5/35

Pemberton & Co. [Abingdon on Thames]KM/132

Penderyn Limestone Quarries Co [Rhondda]AT1

Penistone & District Gas Company [nr Barnsley]KT6/125

Penlan Colliery [Penclawdd, Swansea]KM/132

The Penmaenmawr & Trinidad Lake Asphalt Co.

[‘The P & T L A Co. Ltd’] [Liverpool]BH5/58

Penn [owned by Mrs Lydia Penn] [Stonehouse, Gloucs]IP2/179

Pensford & Bromley Collieries (1921) Ltd [nr Bath]AT2

Pensom & Beavis [Cardiff]KT2/118

The Pensyflog Iron Mining Co. [Portmadoc]ML27*

Pentremawr Colliery Co. Ltd  [nr Ponthenry]BH1/110KT4/52

Pentrich Colliery Co. Ltd [nr Butterley, Derbys]KT3/77

Pepler, Edwards & Co. Ltd [Bristol]IP3/70

Arthur Pepler [Bristol]IP3/71*

H. Pepler & Son [Bristol]IP1/119IP3/71

William Perch & Co. Ltd [Rhigos Anthracite]

[Cardiff & elsewhere]AT2   AT3KT4/132  KT7/142


Perfection Soap – see J. Crosfield & Sons

W.H. Perkins [Oxford]KM/132

C. P. Perry & Son [Birmingham]KT7/83

John Perry & Co. [Broadstairs & Ramsgate]PM/34

Peterborough & District Tar Distillers Ltd [Tanker]RT202

Peterborough Coal Co. Ltd     KT5/124

Peterborough Co-operative Society LtdAT2BH4/26

S. H. Petley & Co. [Southampton]AT1KT7/84

Petrofina (GB) Ltd [London] [Modern tanker]RT2/58

Petroleum Board 14-ton tankers [WW2]RT27RT28

Petroplus Refining & Marketing Co. – see also CAIB

[Unknown] [Modern tankers]RT204*

Phillips & Co. Ltd [London]AW/50

Phillips, George & Co. [Aberdare & Swansea]KM/133

Phillips Petroleum Products Ltd [Port Clarence, Teeside]

[Modern tankers]RT204

S. J. Phillips [Crymmych Arms, Pembrokeshire]KM/133

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