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Thomas Styles [Long Ditton, & Surbiton, Surrey]KM/150

Sully & Co. [Lydney & Bridgwater]AT1/front cover KM/viKM/151BH3/108IP1/85

John Summers [‘SUMMERS’] [Glasgow]AT2

John Summers & Sons Ltd [Chester area] [Tanker]KT6/142

Summerlee & Mossend Iron & Steel Co. Ltd

[Coatbridge] [Tanker]RT278

R. Summerson & Co. Ltd [Cockfield, Co. Durham]KT7/124

Suncole [Nottingham]BH3/65

Sunderland Gas Co. Ltd [Tanker]RT278

Edward Sutcliffe [Mirfield, nr Huddersfield]BH3/54

Sutton Heath & Lea Green Collieries Ltd [also ‘S H C’]

[nr St Helens]AW/114

Sutton Heath Collieries [nr St Helens]AT3BH3/14

Sutton Trading Co. Ltd [Cardiff]KT3/90

John Swain [Chalfont Road, Bucks]KT2/125

Swansea Anthracite Coal Co.    KM/151KT4/172

The Swansea & District Railway Men’s [sic]

Direct Coal AssociationKM/151

Swansea Oil & Grease Co. Ltd [Tanker] AC87    RT279[same photo]

Swansea Navigation Collieries Ltd [Swansea]AW/167

Swanwick Colliery [‘SWANWICK’] [Derbyshire]  AT1BH2/85KT7/125

Swarthmoor & Ulverston Co-operative Society LtdBH1/60

Eland Sweet [Fishponds, Bristol]IP3/100*

E. H. Swift [Dorking, Surrey]KM/151

Swindon United Gas Co. [Tanker]     AC85         RT279[same photo]

Syenite Paving Setts Quarry Co. Ltd [Minffordd]ML22*

Sykes [Huddersfield]AT3

D. Symes [Oxford]KM/151

H. Syrus [Hastings]KM/152

Taff Vale Railway [c1865, not private owner]LT6

G. W. Talbot & Son, Ltd [Reading]AT3KM/152KT6/143

J. E. Talbot & Co. [Liverpool]AW/112

Talk-o’th’Hill Colliery Co. Ltd [Talke, Staffs]ML44*

Talybont Timber & Coal Co. [Talybont]KM/152

Tamworth Colliery Co. Ltd [Staffs]AT2

Tank Rentals Ltd [possibly Wakefield as it was part of

Charles Roberts] [Tankers, 1960 on]    RT279&c

Isaac James Tanner [Bristol]IP3/100*

William Tapscott [Charfield, Gloucs]IP2/217

Tar Distillers Ltd. [London, & Pinxton, Notts]


Tar Residuals Ltd [London & Manchester] [Tankers]RT284

Tarbitumac Ltd [Chatterley, nr Stoke on Trent]KT6/145

Tarmac Limited [various locations]JH/27KT5/132


Tarslag (1923) Ltd [Stockton on Tees & W.Midlands]BH2/20BH5/64KT8/138

Arthur Tassell [A. L. Tassell & Sons Ltd] [‘TASSELL’]

[King’s Lynn]  AT2KT5/139

Taylor & Workman [Woolaston, Gloucs]IP2/234*

Taylor Brothers [Staines, Harrow & Wealdstone]KM/152

C. H. Taylor [KM says ‘G.H. Taylor’] [Penarth]KM/152

Henry E. Taylor [Aberystwyth]ML7*

James Taylor & Co. [Beckford, Gloucs]  IP2/115 IP2/118KM/152

R. Taylor & Sons Ltd [Dundee]AT3BH4/106

S. Taylor, Frith & Co. Ltd

[Peak Forest]BH1/19


[Thomas] Terrett Taylor & Sons [Coleford, Gloucs]IP1/110

Charles P. Teague [Barbers Bridge, Gloucs]IP2/235

Tebay Co-operative Society Ltd

[Westmorland, now Cumbria]KT6/146

Teign Valley Granite Co. [Devon]BH1/100

A. Telling [Oxford]KM/153

Charles Tennant & Co. Ltd [Glasgow] [Tanker]RT284

Terrett, Taylor & Sons [Coleford, Gloucs]KM/153

Texaco Ltd [South Wales & Avonmouth]

[Tankers, 1967 on]RT285RT2/58

Tharme & Co. [Liverpool]BH3/15

J. Tharme [Liverpool]PM/37

Thomas [Cam, Gloucs]KM/153

Thomas [Walthamstow, GER]BH4/11

Thomas, Riches & Co [Cardiff] – see Cambrian Collieries Co. Ltd

Thomas & Co. [Swansea – possibly the same as

A. Thomas & Co., below]ML44*

Thomas & Green, Ltd [Wooburn, Bucks]BH5/80KT6/147

Thomas & Jones [Aberystwyth]ML7

A. Thomas & Co. [Swansea] KT4/175

Alfred J. Thomas [Gloucester]IP2/60KM/153

Benjamin Thomas [Swansea]KM/154KT4/175

D. Thomas & Son [Aberthaw nr Cardiff]KM/154

David Thomas [Mountain Ash, Rhondda]KM/154

E. Thomas & Co. [Bryn Cottage, Rhyader]IP1/147*

Edmund Thomas [Llwyncelwn Colliery, Wales]KM/154

Ernest Thomas & Jenkins [Swansea]         KT4/173       KT5/181*

G. V. Thomas [Pill, Wales or Bristol?]KM/155

Griffith Thomas [Onllwyn & Swansea]KM/154KT4/139

Henry Thomas [Swansea]AT1

J. E. Thomas [Aberdare]KM/155

Oliver H. Thomas [Neath]KM/155

Philip Thomas & Co. [Cardiff]AT1/front coverBH3/108

R. E. Thomas [Cheltenham]IP2/98KM/155

Richard Thomas [Lydney, Gloucs]IP1/162

Richard Thomas & Co. Ltd [Abertillery & elsewhere] – see also

Lancaster’s Steam Coal Collieries LtdAT2BH4/49

Sidney Thomas [Cam, nr Dursley, Gloucs]IP2/200

T. P. Thomas & Co [Cardiff]KM/155

Thomas Thomas [Newcastle Emlyn, Carmarthen]KM/156

W. H. Thomas & Sons Ltd [Oswestry]ML24*

William Thomas [Aberystwyth]ML7*

William Thomas [Wellington, Somerset]IP1/117KM/156

William Thomas [Whitland, Camarthen]KM/156

Thomlin & Co. [Truro]PM/38

Thompson, Newsome & Co. Ltd [Elland]BH3/55

C. Thompson [Nailsworth, Gloucs]IP2/197

M. Thompson & Sons [Naworth Collieries, nr Carlisle]KM/156

LT8 [drawing of same wagon as KT156]

W. A. Thompson [Great Malvern]KM/156

Thornbury Coal Co. [Thornbury, Gloucs]IP2/225*

Thorncliffe Colliery  – see also Newton Chambers & Co. Ltd

[nr Sheffield]AT1AT3BH1/47

Thorne [Colliery, nr Doncaster] – see Pease & Partners Ltd

R. M. Thornley & Son [Grimsby]KM/156

T. Threadgold [Woking, Surrey]BH4/12

Thrutchley & Co. Ltd [Manchester & other areas]    AT1BH3/16

Thurcroft Main Colliery – see Rothervale Collieries Ltd

Tiger Railcar Leasing (UK) Ltd [Unknown]

[Tankers, 1974 on]       RT285&cRT2/36

Tildesley & Minter [Southall & London]KM/157

Tildesley & Son [Markfield nr Leicester]KM/157

Tiley Bros [Bristol]IP3/101*

The Time Coal Company [West Green, N. London GER]BH4/13

John J. Tims [Willesden Green, London]  AT3BH3/104KM/157KT2/125KT6/148

Tinsley Park Colliery Co. Ltd [nr Sheffield]AT2KT7/126

Tiphook Rail Leasing [Unknown] [Tankers, 1987 on]RT287

RT2/45RT2/back cover

Tirdonkin [‘TIRDONKIN’] [Landore, Swansea]AW/164KM/157

Tirpentwys [Pontypool]AT2

Tirydail Colliery [Wales]KT4/24*

Titanic [Steel &] Iron Co. [Milkwall, Gloucs]IP3/123*

Todmorden Industrial & Co-operative Society LtdBH2/76

Tollemache [H. Tollemache & Co. Ltd][London]BH1/92

William Tombs [Gloucester] [wagon ownership unknown]IP2/61*

Ton Phillip [Swansea]KM/157

Ton Phillip Rhondda Colliery Co. Ltd [Cefn nr Bridgend]KM/157

Tonfanau Granite Quarries [Towyn]ML27

John Toole [Bilston]KT7/128

Toomer, R. & Co. Ltd [this is the correct layout] [Reading]KT1/107


J. [John] Toomer & Sons [Swindon]AT2IP1/147*

Torquay & South Devon Coal Co. (1923) Ltd KT6/151

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