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Warwick Gas Light Co. KT6/152

The Warwickshire Coal Co. Ltd [‘COVENTRY’]


Waterloo Colliery [‘WATERLOO’] [Leeds]AT2LT53

Watford Co-operative Society LtdAT2

Wath Main Colliery Co. Ltd [nr Rotherham]AT1KT2/107

William Watkeys Ltd [Llanelly]BH1/115

Watkins & Leonard [Bristol]IP3/107*

Fred Watkins [Coleford, Gloucs]IP1/158

Richard Watkins [Bream, Gloucs]IP1/158*

G. Watkinson & Son [Southport]AT3

E. H. Watts & Co. [London, Cardiff & Newport]KM/164

Walter Waugh & Co. [London] [Tanker]RT298

War Department / War Office [WW1 tankers]               RT298&c

W. B. & Co. Ltd [William Baird & Co. Ltd]

[Twechar, Kilsyth nr Glasgow] – see also Hopetoun Collieries  CS/100[tiny photo]PM/40

W.D.R. – see W. D. Rees & Co.

Richard Weale [Swansea]KM/164

The Wear Fuel Works Co. Ltd [Sunderland]

[Rectangular tankers]RT300*

The Weardale Steel, Coke & Coal Co. Ltd

[ ‘WEARDALE’] [Darlington]AT3BH4/93

Webb Bros. Ltd [Cheltenham]BH4/36IP2/99

Webb, Hall & Webb [Ross-on Wye]IP1/123

James Webb [Chalford, Gloucs]IP2/151*

Richard Frank Webb [Bristol]IP3/107*

Webbs’ Coals [Webb Bros, again] [Cheltenham]IP1/134IP2/99

Webster [Miles Platting, Manchester]AT3

Richard Webster & Sons

[Maidenhead, Cookham & Wargrave]KM/164

Weedon Bros. [various, Oxfordshire]BH2/104JH/10

Richard Weedon [Lydney, Gloucs]IP2/234*

A. G. Weeks & Sons

[Winscombe, Sandford & Banwell, Somerset]AW/169

E. H. Weeks [unknown]IP1/147*

Welbeck [‘WELBECK’]

– see New Hucknall and Blackwell Collieries Ltd

E. Welford & Son [Oxford]AT3BH5/37KM/165

Wellingborough Gas Light Co. Ltd    AT1KT2/109

Wellington [unknown]IP1/147*

J. & G. Wells Ltd, Eckington Collieries [‘ECKINGTON’]

[Derbys]   AT2    KT5/146   KT6/173   KT8/154*LT20

Welsh Anthracite Collieries Ltd [Swansea]KT4/69

The Welsh Navigation Steam Coal Company Ltd


Welsh Smithy Coal Co. [Cardiff]KM/166

The Welsh Tin Plate & Metal Stamping Co. Ltd [Llanelly]KM/166


Wemyss Coal Co. [‘WEMYSS’] [Fife]AT1BH4/108

The Werfa Dare Colliery Co. Ltd [Aberdare]KT2/111

J. Wescott & Son [Semley Station, Wilts]BH5/82

West Cannock Colliery Co. Ltd [Hednesford]AT2BH3/92KT5/147KT8/154*

The West Cumberland By-products Co. Ltd

[Flimby nr Workington] [Acid Tanker]BH4/95RT2/38

West Leigh Colliery Co. [‘W L C’] [Wigan area]AT3AW/113

West Middlesex Coal Co. [West Ealing]AT2

The West Midland Sugar Co. Ltd [Kidderminster] [Tanker]KT6/175


West Midlands Joint Electricity Authority


George West [Reading]AT2/front coverAT3

Westbury Brook Iron Mine

[Whimsey nr Cinderford, Gloucs]IP1/163*

Westbury Iron Works [Westbury, Wilts]KM/167

Western Coal Co. [Bristol]IP3/108KM/167

Western Counties Agricultural Association Ltd [Bristol]IP3/107*

Western Petroleum Co. [Bristol] [Tanker]AC62[poor view]IP3/108*

Western Refining & Marketing Co. Ltd [London] [Tanker]RT301

Western Tinplate Works Ltd [Llanelly]KM/167

Western Valleys Anthracite Co. [Swansea]AW/170

Western Wagon & Property Co. Ltd [Bristol]IP3/108*

Westminster Colliery Co. [‘WESTMINSTER’]

[nr Wrexham]LT13ML45

Wetmore & Bird [Bristol]IP3/109*

Robert Wetmore [‘WETMORE’][Bristol]IP3/109KM/167

Wharncliffe Silkstone Colliery Co. Ltd [Barnsley area]   KT1/112KT8/152*

Wharncliffe Woodmoor Colliery Co. Ltd [Barnsley]  AT3KT5/151

Arthur Wharton Ltd [Leeds]KT5/42

What???? Bros [Reading] AT2/front cover

 [NB – this wagon is in a photo with its door open

so the whole owner’s name can’t be read]

W.H.B & Co. – see W.H. Brown & Co.

Wheldale Coal Co. Ltd [Castleford]BH3/56

Wherets, Hoyles & Smethurst [Blackrod, nr Wigan]LT28

B. Whitaker & Sons Ltd [Leeds]BH3/58

Michael Whitaker [Leeds]              AW/179*

White & Beeny Ltd [Hailsham, Sussex]  AT1KT3/105KT7/142

White Moss Colliery [‘W M’] [Skelmersdale]AW/116

H. O. White [Banbury, Oxon]  AT1KM/viiKT2/112

John S. White & Son [Winchester]BH5/39

Richard White [Widnes]KT6/182

Richard White & Sons [Evesham]KM/167KT8/146

Whitecliffe Lime Co. [Coleford, Gloucs]IP1/155KM/168

Harry Whitehouse [Stourport]BH4/38

William Whiteley Ltd [London]KT5/152

Fred Whiteman [Montrose]AT2

F. Whiting & Sons [Chalford, Gloucs]IP2/152KM/168

F. A. Whitmarsh [Exmouth]KM/169

Whitstable Shipping Co. Ltd [Kent]KM/169

Whitwick Colliery [Leics]   AT3      KT1/112   KT8/152*

Whitwill, Cole & Co. Ltd [Bristol]KT1/113IP3/110

Mark Whitwill & Son [Bristol]IP1/118IP3/110

Whitwood Chemical Co. Ltd [Normanton, Yorks]BH4/72

Whitwood Colleries – see Henry Briggs, Sons & Co. Ltd

Joseph Whitworth [Manchester]AT3BH1/61

W. I. & S. Co. Ltd – see Workington Iron & Steel Co. Ltd

Wickwar Quarries Ltd [Charfield, Gloucs]  AT1IP2/220IP3/127*

J. A. Widdison [Newark, Notts]BH5/82

John Godfrey Wienholt Bowen [Llanidloes]ML12*

Wigan Coal & Iron Co. Ltd    AW/118KM/169  KT3/107


‘NEWCASTLE MAIN’ [Manton, nr Worksop]AW/136

Wigan Coal Corporation Ltd AT1     AW/119LT52

[Manton Colliery]AT1[under ‘M’]

Wiggins & Co. Ltd [Northampton]AT3

Wigpool Coal & Iron Co. Ltd [Drybrook, Gloucs]

[Mention of Cheltenham depot IP2/107*]

Wigpool Iron Mine [nr Cinderford, Gloucs]IP1/163*

James Wilby Ltd [Pontefract]BH3/59

Wilderness Portland Cement Co. [Mitcheldean, Gloucs]IP3/123*

Isaac Wilkinson Ltd [Mytholmroyd, Yorks]KT1/113

Williams & Bird [Bristol]IP3/110*

Williams & Co. [Cheltenham]IP3/112*

Williams & Co. [Swansea]KM/169KT4/176

WIlliams & Sons [Witton nr Birmingham]KT2/112

Williams & Stephens [Lydney, Gloucs]IP1/146*

Williams & Wilson [Oswestry]ML24

Williams Bros. [Hull]AW/137

Williams Foster & Co. and Pascoe Grenfell Ltd [Swansea]KT1/114

A. S. Williams Ltd [Liverpool]BH3/17

Clement Williams [Thornbury, Gloucs]IP2/225*

D. Williams [Llanelly]KM/169

E. Williams Cook & Co. [Swansea]KT4/150

E. D. Williams [Holly Bush Collieries nr Newport, Mon.]AT1/front coverAT3    BH1/116   BH3/108KM/169


Ellis Williams [Portmadoc]ML27*

Evan Williams [Pwllheli]ML27*

Fred Williams & Son [Towcester]KT5/153

John Williams [Llanerch-Y-Medd]CS/126KT8/frontispiece

John Williams & Co. (Cheltenham) Ltd BH5/39IP2/103IP3/126*

[Mention of Gloucester office IP2/61*]

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