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J. C. Abbott & Co. Ltd [Birmingham]BH3/67BH3/Appendix 1CS/65KT1/13KT8/151*

M. Abbott & Co. [London]KM/39

Charles Abell [nr Atherstone, Warks]KT8/9

Aberbeeg Colliery [Aberbeeg] – see also Budd & Co.KT6/32

Abercrave Colliery [Swansea]KT1/15KT4/61KT4/178

Abercriban Quarries Co. [Pont Sticill, nr Merthyr]KT7/11

Aberdare Graig Coal Co. Ltd [Aberdare]KM/39

Abergrave & International Collieries Ltd


Aberpergwm Collieries Ltd [Glyn Neath, Glamorgan]AW/141BH3/105IP1/170KT4/79

Aberthaw & Bristol Channel Portland Cement Co. Ltd

[“DRUID” Brand’] [Aberthaw]BH1/103

Accrington Colliey Altham – see Hargreaves Colliery Co. Ltd

Aces [Fish Docks, Grimsby]BH1/22

Ackton Hall Colliery [Featherstone nr Pontefract]AT2BH1/23BH2/iiKT6/11

Adams & Son [Southsea]AT2

W. A. Adams [London, then Birmingham; wagon builder]

[drawings of two of the wagons he built, c1850]LT3&4

William C. Adams [Birmingham]AT1

C. Addicott & Son [Weston Super Mare]KT8/10

Addingham Co-operative Society Ltd [Yorkshire]BH3/2

Adler & Allan [London]AT1KM/39

Edward Adlington [‘G’, ‘JG’, ‘UG’] [Worcester]KM/101KT6/13

Admiralty Naval Store Dept. [Various] [Tanker]RT51

A G C – see Ashton’s Green Collieries

Edward T. Agius & Co. [Southampton]KM/39

Thomas Ainge & Co. [Cheltenham]IP2/63*

Air Ministry [Various] [Tanker]RT52

Airedale Collieries Ltd [‘AIREDALE’] [Castleford]BH3/57CS/169KT7/11LT42

W. Aitken & Co. [Torquay & Dartmouth]KT6/16

John Ake & Co [Earlsheaton, Yorks]BH3/21

Albion Coal & Cannel Co. [Manchester]

– see also Thomas Duxbury & Co.KT7/45

Alcester Co-operative Industrial Society Ltd [Worcs]AT3

R.E. Aldridge [Berkeley Road, Gloucs]IP1/111IP2/210

W & H.E. Alexander [Tetbury, Gloucs]IP2/147*

Alexander Transport Co. Ltd [Glasgow] [Tanker]RT55

Algeco (UK) Ltd [London] [Tankers 1960s – 70s]RT56

Allan Lindsay – see under ‘L’

S.W.& J. Allaway [Lydney area, Gloucs]IP2/231*

John Allbutt & Co. [Worcester]BH4/29

W. Alldridge & Sons [Birmingham]KT8/10

S. Allen [Birmingham]KM/39

Allerdale Coal Co. Ltd [Workington]KT6/17

Allerton Main Colliery [Kippax, Leeds]BH5/6

Alloa Coal Co. Ltd [‘ALLOA’, & ‘BANNOCKBURN’]AT2LT41PM/41

Allsop’s Lager Beer [Burton on Trent] [van]CS/100[tiny photo]PM/16

Amalgamated Anthracite Collieries Ltd [also ‘A A C’]

[Swansea]BH5/22KT4/91KT6/173  KT7/143

F. Ambrose [Penybontfawr]ML26*

Thomas Ames [Rishton nr Blackburn]AW/58

Amman Iron Co. [Garnant, Wales]KM/40

Ammanford Collieries Co. Ltd [nr Pantyffynnon]   AW/140BH2/120  KM/40 KT4/41 KT7/151*

Amoco (UK) Ltd [Milford Haven] [Tankers 1968 on]AC95RT59

Anderson & Co. [Whitstable]AT3BH4/1KT7/14

Andover Co-operative Society LtdAT3

D. Andrew & Sons [Brigg]AT1

B. R. Andrews [Liphook & Southampton]AT1

Anglo American Oil Co. Ltd  - see also Esso Petroleum Co. Ltd

[London] [Tankers]AC83BH3/93BH5/68PM/46RT133

Anglo-Mexican Petroleum Products – see Shell Mex & BP Ltd

Anglo-Persian Oil Co. Ltd [London] [Tankers]BH2/106RT85

Annesley Colliery Co. [Notts]AT3BH2/79

Ansley Hall Nuneaton Colliery [nr Nuneaton, Warks]AT3

Antelope Coal Co. [Cardiff]KM/40

P. Anzaney [Cardiff]KM/40

Appleby – Frodingham Steel Co. Ltd [Lincs]AT3

30 ton steel plate internal use wagonPM/26

25 ton steel hopper internal use wagonPM/27

Appleby Iron Co. Ltd  [Frodingham, Lincs]JH/38KT5/11

M. A. Appleton [Feltham]KT7/16

C. H. Appleyard & Son. [Mirfield nr Huddersfield]BH5/85*

A.R. – see Archibald Russell Ltd [under ‘R’]

Arenig Granite Co. Ltd [Bala]BH4/40

Wm. Cobbett Arkell [Fairford, Gloucs]IP2/140*

Arlesey Co-operative Society Ltd [Beds]AT1

The Arley Colliery Co. Ltd [Warwickshire]BH4/30KT1/16

Robert Armstrong [Unknown] [Modern tanker]RT2/back cover

Arniston [‘ARNISTON’] [nr Edinburgh]

– see also The Lothian Coal Co.  LT38  LT40RE/56

John Arnold & Sons

[Wickwar & Chipping Sodbury, Gloucs]IP2/217

Arnold's Sands Limited [Leighton Buzzard]AT1KT5/13

E. Arnott [Aberdare]KM/40

Arthur & Edward [nr Cinderford, Gloucs]

– see also CrumpIP1/60

Ascon Coke – see British Mineral Corporation Ltd

G. Bryer Ash [Weymouth]KM/40

Ashburnham Collieries [nr Pembrey, S. Wales]KT4/59

Ashton Vale Iron & Coal Co. [Bedminster, Bristol]IP3/9*

Ashton’s Green Collieries [‘A G C’] [St. Helens]AW/59

Asiatic Petroleum Co. Ltd – see Shell Mex & BP

Askern Main Colliery [Norton, nr Doncaster]KT8/11

Asquith & Tompkins [Stratford on Avon]KM/41

Associated Chemical Companies Ltd [Wakefield]

[Rectangular tanker]RT61

Associated Ethyl Co. Ltd [Amlwch, Anglesey]

[Modern tanker]RT61

Associated Octel Co. Ltd [Amlwch, Anglesey]

[Modern tankers]RT62RT2/37RT2/63

Astley & Tyldesley Collieries Ltd [‘A.T.] [Lancs]BH3/1

Atherton – see Fletcher Burrows & Co.

Atkinson & Prickett Ltd [Hull]AT1KT2/13KT6/171

C. H. Atkinson Ltd [Liverpool]KT2/11

Nathaniel Atrill [Chesterfield]BH3/60KT5/15

Austin & Co.



C.A. Austin [Kemble, Gloucs]IP2/144*

The Austin Motor Company Ltd [Birmingham]BH2/86

Avan Hill Colliery Co. [Briton Ferry, Wales]KM/41

The Avon India Rubber Co. Ltd [Melksham, Wilts] KM/41KT6/18PM/37

Avon Malleable Iron Foundry Co. [Bristol]IP3/10*

Avon Tyres [Melksham, Wilts]

– see also The Avon India Rubber Co. LtdKT6/19

F.L. Ayliffe [Dursley, Gloucs]IP2/202

C.& G. Ayres Ltd [Reading]BH4/15KM/viiiKT1/17KT7/137KT8/151*IP1/121

 [part view of box van – AP2/front cover]

B. A. Collieries Ltd [‘B A C’] [Nottingham]AT1AT3KT1/19KT7/139LT53

B. & B. G. Collieries Ltd [Loughor, S. Wales]AT2KT5/35

Babbington [‘BABBINGTON’] [Notts]

– see B. A. Collieries Ltd

Backworth Collieries Ltd [Northumberland]AT1BH4/87

E. Bacon & Co. Ltd [Grimsby] [on fifth page of AT1]AT1


Edwin W. Badland [Birmingham]KM/41

Baggeridge Colliery [Worcs] – see Earl of Dudley

Bagley & Co. Ltd [‘BAGLEY’]

[Knottingley nr Wakefield]BH5/46

Bagnall Oil Co. Ltd [Manchester] [Tanker]RT65RT2/7

Bailey Bros. [Newark]BH1/vi

A. G. Bailey [Ashford, Kent]AT1

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