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[Wagon ownership unknown]IP2/107*

Chemical & Metallurgical Corporation Ltd

[Runcorn, Cheshire] [Tankers] KT2/38

Chester Co-operative Society Ltd AT1

Chester Railway Employee’s Coal Association [Chester]PM/36

Chester United Gas Co.    KT2/41

Chesterton Chemical Co. Ltd [Stoke on Trent] [Tanker]CS/153

Chevron Oil (UK) Ltd [London] [modern tanker]RT123

Chillington Iron Company [Yate, Gloucs]  IP2/222KM/63


Chipman Chemical Co. Ltd [London] [Tanker]RT2/47RT2/62

Chippenham Co-operative Society LtdAT1

Chipping Norton Co-operative Society LtdKT3/38BH4/28

Chirk Castle Lime Co. [Nantmawr & Whitehurst]ML22*ML36*

Jacob Chivers [possibly Hawkwell, Gloucs]IP1/144*IP1/163*

W. Christie & Co. Ltd [London & elsewhere] [Tanker]AC89

RT123 [same photo]

Chritchley & Keen [Cheltenham]IP2/69

Frederick Chubb [Shrewsbury & elsewhere]BH3/71BH4/introduction    KT6/44   ML36

‘The Church Street Brewery. Stroud’ [box van]IP2/163

Churchway Colliery [nr Cinderford, Gloucs]IP1/144*

Cilely Collieries Ltd [Cardiff]BH4/42

Cilfrew Colliery [Swansea]KT8/47

Cinderford Crushing Co. [Cinderford, Gloucs]IP1/163*

Cirencester Gas Co.IP2/133

Cities Service Oil Co. Ltd [‘CITEX MOTOR SPIRIT’]

[London] [Tanker]AC85RT124

The City Coal Co. Ltd [London]KM/64

City Leasings [Unknown] [Tanker, one off, 1970]RT123*

R. S. Clare & Co. Ltd [Liverpool] [Rectangular tanker]PM/45


Bernard Clark [Bournemouth]BH3/106

Clarke Sharp & Co. [Brighton]    KT6/45      KT7/158*      KT8/155*

Herbert Clarke Ltd [London KT5/44

Thomas J. Clarke [Weymouth]KM/64

W.C. Clarke [Yeovil]KM/64

W.S. Clarke [Faringdon]KM/64

Wm. Clarke & Son Ltd



Clarksons Ltd [Reddish nr Stockport]AT2

Clay Cross Co. [Derbys]AT3KT8/48BH5/88

Ledgers & Accounts of the firm KT8/55-56*

S.J. Claye Ltd [Long Eaton]BH3/61CS/53 [part view]

Clayton Wagons Ltd [Lincoln] [Tankers]RT124*

Cleckheaton Industrial Co-operative Society Ltd AT1

Cleckheaton Urban District Council     KT5/45

Clee Hill Dhu Stone Co. [Ludlow]KT3/33

Clee Hill Granite Co. [Ludlow]           IP1/154    KT3/31    KM/64KT5/177*

Clee Hill Quarries [nr Ludlow]KT3/29

Cleeve Coal Co. [Bristol]IP3/35

Cleeves, Ault & Fowell [CAF] – see also

Cleeves Western Valleys Anthracite Collieries LtdKT7/144

E. A. Cleeves & Co. [Swansea]KM/65KT4/23

Cleeves Western Valleys Anthracite Collieries Ltd

[Swansea & Llanelly]  KT4/35KT7/151*

Clement's Tump Colliery [Coleford, Forest of Dean]IP1/44

Clements Bros [Portsmouth, Gosport, Corsham]AT2

Clevedon Gas Co [nr Bristol] [IP3/19 has an oblique photo

including this wagon in a train, but no further details]

Cleveland Petroleum Products Co. [‘CLEVELAND’ &

‘CLEVELAND DISCOL’][London] [Tanker]RT124

The Cliffe Hill Granite Co. Ltd [Markfield nr Leicester]KT1/48

George Clifford [Bourton on the Water]IP2/123KM/65

Richard Clifford [Moreton in the Marsh]IP3/126*

Clift & Whiting [Cheltenham]IP3/125*

Clifton & Kersley Coal Co. Ltd [Manchester]AW/69

Clifton Coal Co. [Bristol]IP3/35*

Clifton Colliery Co. Ltd [Notts]AT1

The Clifton Steam Trawlers Co. Ltd [Fleetwood, Lancs]PM/35

Cliviger Coal Co. [Burnley, Lancs]AT3

Thomas R. Clutterbuck [Gloucester]IP2/16*   

Clutton Coal [Co.…? – currently unknown] [Somerset]IP1/101

Clyde Shipping Co. Ltd [Scotland]LT39

Clyne Merthyr Collieries Co. Ltd [Swansea]KT6/46

Clyne Valley Colliery Co. [Swansea]KM/65KT3/36

Coal Agencies Ltd [Clifton, Bristol]AT1IP3/36KM/65

Coal Salt – see The Great Grimsby Coal Salt and Tanning Co. Ltd

Coalbrook Colliery [Loughor nr Swansea]KM/66

Coalite – see Low Temperature Carbonisation Ltd

Coalition Coal & Shipping Co. Ltd [Cardiff]KT8/57

Coalpit Heath Coal Co. [nr Bristol]IP2/228*IP3/37

Arnold Coburn Ltd [Stockport]AT2

Geo. J. Cockerell & Co. [London] –see also RickettKT1/49

Colas Products Ltd [‘COLAS’] [London] [Tanker]RT124

Herbert S. Colborn [Bristol]IP3/39*

Colchester Gas Co. [Tanker]BH3/95RT124

Edward J. Cole & Son [Cirencester]IP2/134

Edward R. Cole [Cirencester]IP1/137IP2/134

King Cole & Co. Ltd [Sheffield]PM/39

R. Fred Cole [Fairford & Lechlade]IP2/140

Richard Cole [Cirencester]IP2/133*IP3/127*

S. H. Cole [Cirencester]IP2/134*IP2/136*

The Coleford Red Ash Colliery Co. Ltd [Coleford, Gloucs]IP1/43


Colfix (London) Ltd [Slough] [Tanker]BH2/111RT125

R. Coller & Sons Ltd [Peterborough]AT3

C. Collett & Sons [Bourton on the Water]IP2/125KM/66

Collins Green Colliery [Earlestown nr St Helens]AT2AW/73

J. T. Collins & Sons [Rochester, Kent]AT1AT2

Colmans Mustard [Norwich] KT1/51RE/38

Colthrop Board & Paper Mills Ltd [Thatcham]BH1/95KT7/32

The Coltness Iron Co. [Newmains, Lanarkshire]BH4/98

W. Colwell & Son [Hove]BH5/77[part view]

Colyer & Co. [Cosham, Hants]BH4/17

Alexander Comley Ltd [Birmingham]KT1/52

Compagnie Pour La Location de Materiel Industriel [‘CLMI’]

[ESSO, Fawley] [Tankers]RT125*

Compressed Coal Co. [Whitecroft, Gloucs]IP1/145*

Conduit Colliery [Norton Canes, nr Cannock]AT2LT21

Congleton Equitable and Industrial Co-operative Society  AT1

Consett Iron Co. Ltd [Consett, C. Durham]BH4/89RE/67

Consolidated Fisheries Ltd [Grimsby]AT2KT7/34

Constable Hart & Co. Ltd [Matlock & elsewhere]

– see alsoDerbyshire Stone Co. Ltd KT5/46

Continental Oil (UK0 Ltd [‘CONOCO’] [nr Immingham]

[Modern 100 ton tanker]RT126

E. Williams Cook & Co. [Swansea]KT4/150

W. J. Cook Ltd [London]KT7/37

Cooke & Nuttall Ltd [Horwich, Lancs]AW/71

Charles Cooke [Cheltenham]IP2/71KM/66

H. E. Coole & Co. [Bristol]IP3/39*

Coombs Wood Colliery [Halesowen]

– see also N. Hingley & Sons LtdKT6/84

Co-operative Wholesale Societies

– see also by individual locations        KT3/37     KT5/177*

Co-operative Wholesale Society Ltd [‘C W S Ltd’]



Margarine Works, Higher Irlam [Salford] [Tanker]BH5/70

Peterborough [advertising drawing, partly obscured]CS/55

Scotland – see Scottish Co-operative Wholesale Society

Coote & Warren Ltd [London & elsewhere]    BH5/71[very poor view]KT5/49       KT8/154*



Cope & Baker [Barton Wharf, Hereford]KM/66

Corker & Bevan [Swansea]           KT4/151     KT5/181*

Corn Products Co. Ltd

[Trafford Park, Manchester] [Tanker] KT7/158RT126

Cornwall [London]AT2BH1/79

Cornwall and Moger Ltd [London]  BH1/79  KT5/61

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