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E-Commerce Toolbox teachers guide

especially for this purpose.

The welcome message

There is a welcome message provided on the communications page to advise learners how to complete the Diploma, and individual units of competency. The message, which is in the file ‘shared/html/welcome_message.htm’, can be edited to suit your own teaching strategy.

Yahoo!® Groups

There are a number of activities/assessments in the Toolbox, which require learners to post comments to a discussion forum. If you have access to a VLE, such as Janison or WebCT, you can set up your discussion forum through the VLE. Otherwise, you could create a Yahoo group.

Creating a Yahoo group allows you to communicate with the learners in a number of ways:


Email – a Yahoo group functions as a mailing list, where messages to the group go to all the individuals you elect to be members of the group


Discussion forum - by visiting the group website, it is possible for all members to view the postings to the group


Share files – all members can load files on to the group site.

The Toolbox was initially piloted with Yahoo!® groups - forums and chat facility. The Yahoo environment was acceptable, yet unstable at times. During the pilot, the facilitator chose to migrate the communication portal to a Janison Jetty, which provided a more stable environment.

Special features

You will find a number of media elements such as audio, graphics, screen captures, and Flash animations. These media elements help the metaphoric learning environment to be more engaging.

Practical requirements

Elements of this Toolbox will require the learner to engage in practical activities that are outside the Toolbox environment. In these cases, we have provided links within the resource packs to software vendors, trial software, or nominated open-source software that is consistent with industry practice. The affected resource packs are:


Project Management


Database Integration


Build using RAD

Details of suggested software are provided in the Technical guide.

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