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E-Commerce Toolbox teachers guide

PSPPM502BManage complex projects

Project 1 Stage 1:Project management for website

This project assesses learners on their project management skills, and it is highly recommended that learners should complete the project in conjunction with one of the “implementation” units such as “ICAB5165A - Create dynamic pages” (Project 1 Stage 5). A project such as this which involves building the website is seen as the most appropriate for this purpose, but any stage of the project will suffice. This will allow learners to apply project management skills (such as creating project plans, budgets, progress reports, etc) to a live project. If you choose this option you will need to direct learners to the “client” link for information about the client, or ask them to use the requirements document produced in Stages 2 and 3, to help them plan for the project and write reports.

If assessing Manage Projects in conjunction with another project stage is not feasible in your environment, then you will need to assess Manage Projects in isolation from a real project implementation. If you choose this option, some suggestions are provided in the table below (in italics) for how to assess this project stage.

The table below provides comments to help the facilitation process.

Project task


Check the communications page

Check the communications page to see if your supervisor has left any special instructions before beginning this project. Note particularly if any discussion forums have been set up for this stage of the project

Develop contract

The contract template includes a section on dispute resolution.

Create a project plan for Bazaar Ceramics website project one and create report on project phases

If this is a standalone project, a list of project tasks should be provided to the learner. These can be found in the document project_ support_ materials.doc, in the map_respak\projectpak folder. The list of tasks will include a provision for support period/help desk to comply with performance criteria 4.2 and a task on environmental and cultural analysis to comply with criteria 4.3.

If this is a standalone project, the deliverables will need to be “manufactured”. Some sample deliverables have been provided for in map_respak\projectpak\project_deliverables

This requirement provides assessment of performance criteria 4.1 and 4.4 where Manage Projects is implemented as a standalone project. Learners should write a paragraph on each of these items based on their reading of the relevant sections of the resource packs.

Document change request

A change request document is provided in map_respak\change_request.doc. You should hand this to the learner after they have completed the project plan.

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