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E-Commerce Toolbox teachers guide

ICAA5151A Gather data to identify business requirements

Project 1 Stage 2:Business requirements for website

Note:This competency has been piloted. In the initial pilot some learners struggled with the concept of determining Business Requirements, instead focusing on determining Design Requirements. Some learners undertaking this module experienced uncertainty and a lack of confidence in the data analysis section.

It is recommended that the RTO conduct a workshop associated with data analysis.

The table below provides comments to help in the facilitation.

Project task


Complete the Gather Requirements Resource Pack

Learners are advised to work through the resource pack prior to starting the project to gain an overview of the concepts and skills required to complete the project. Links to relevant resources are provided within the project tasks. This accommodates learners who like to leap in and begin the project - but also provides some context for the skills learnt in the resource pack.

Check the communications page to see if your supervisor has left any special instructions before beginning this project. Note particularly if any discussion forums have been set up for this stage of the project

You will need to customise the communication page to include links to your email and any discussion forums you set up for this course. This task allows you to set up communication with the learner and provide any specialised instruction, such as how to access the discussion forums. These forums should be set up prior to commencement of the course and you could consider providing learners with early direction on how to access these.

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