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E-Commerce Toolbox teachers guide

Conduct interviews

One of the performance criteria for this unit of competency is “conduct interviews”. The suggested approach is to allocate to each learner an employee for them to interview. A list of the client (Bazaar Ceramics) employees can be found in the “job descriptions document” accessed through the Bazaar Ceramics link.

Once the learner knows which employee to interview, the Bazaar Ceramics link must be accessed to find information about that employee and develop appropriate interview objectives and questions. For example, if the gallery director is to be interviewed, suitable questions might be:

What type of products sells the best?

What type of information does the customer like to know about the product?

There are a number of approaches to provide the learner with the opportunity to interview the employee. One possibility is that the facilitator could play the role of the employee/interviewee while the learner becomes the interviewer (eg using the web or phone).

This is a somewhat labour-intensive task for the facilitator; therefore it might be worth considering this as a group exercise (panel interview) to reduce your workload.

The main characters in the case study:

Marketing Manager:

The marketing manager is interested in maximising sales (irrelevant of profit). He has been stimulating sales to account customers (low profit customers) and wants the website to enable online sales to account customers. This would not involve credit card transactions, however the website would need to capture sales and update the customer’s account file in an existing system. He wants to enable online account applications and online customer special orders. He wants lots of graphics and 3-D images of products. His preferred look and feel is “high-tech, lots of chrome and black”.

Finance Manager:

The Finance Manager is conservative by nature. He is prepared to provide “printable” account application forms and special order forms, but does not want these enabled for online data capture. He is concerned with the risks associated with ecommerce and therefore only wants a brochure site. He believes that before the company goes into online transactions they will have to develop and publish (online) sales policies, delivery policies, return policies, etc. The Finance Manager is concerned with the declining ROI that can be attributed to low profit sales to Account Customers – he is interested in reducing the labour effort associated

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