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E-Commerce Toolbox teachers guide

with this type of customer. His preferred look and feel is a bland text based black and white website.

Production Manager:

The Production Manager (and staff) receives commission on the profit made in each sale. Nonaccount customers generate the most profit. In order to sell to this type of customer the website will need to enable credit card transactions over the internet. He is interested in providing a virtual tour of the production facilities, displaying design awards won by Bazaar, and enabling customers to provide feedback (or voting) on new designs. His preferred look and feel is earthy-rustic colours.

Analyse and summarise your findings

In this task, learners are expected to analyse and summarise findings from the interview, in a document called “Interview Summary”.

It is then recommended that learners post this to a discussion forum to encourage collaboration.

Alternatively, the facilitator may email the interview summaries to a group of learners. The interview summaries from all employees are required for analysis in Part B of the Business and User Requirements report.

In addition, learners will benefit from access to other interview summaries to allow them to gather as much data as possible about the client. The facilitator needs to set up this discussion forum.

Prepare for a workshop

Learners should develop a list of objectives and questions in preparation for a workshop. Although the workshop may never take place, this is a preparatory exercise.

Prepare for a questionnaire

To prepare for a questionnaire learners should develop questionnaire objectives and two questions. This task provides another opportunity for a collaborative exercise. If conducted properly, it will reduce learner workload by reducing the number of questions they need to develop individually.

The facilitator will need to set up a discussion forum to allow learners to post their questions, access other learner’s questions in order to rank them, and then post a list ranking the questions in order of relevance.

Alternatively learners may prepare all questions for an interview.

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