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E-Commerce Toolbox teachers guide

ICAA5158ATranslate the business needs into technical requirements

Project 1 Stage 3:Technical specifications for website

Note: This competency has been piloted and was well accepted by online learners.

The table below provides comments to help in the facilitation of this project

Project Task


Complete the Gather Requirements Resource Pack

Learners are advised to work through the resource pack prior to starting the project to gain an overview of the concepts and skills required to complete the project. Relevant resources are indicated within the project tasks. This accommodates learners who like to leap in and begin the project - but also provides some context for the skills learnt in the resource pack.

Check the communications page to see if your supervisor has left any special instructions before beginning this project. Note particularly if any discussion forums have been set up for this stage of the project

You will need to customise the communication page to include links to your email and any discussion forums you set up for this course. This task allows you to set up communication with the learner and provide any specialised instruction, such as how to access the discussion forums. Discussion forums should be set up prior to commencement of the course and you could consider providing learners with early direction on how to access these.

Identify the business needs

For this task learners need to review the business requirements report that was developed in Stage 2 of the project “Business requirements for websites”. In Stage 2 all sections of the report were completed except the section entitled “non-functional requirements”. This was left blank, because this is part of the technical specifications. In this stage (stage 3) learners will be completing the “nonfunctional requirements” section of the report.

If for any reason a learner did not complete the Stage 2 report, then they should do this here, since this is a requirement for Element 1 of this unit. You can refer them back to the Stage 2 project for help.

Alternatively the RTO may issue a standard set of functional requirements from which to base the technical requirements report.

Example functional requirements have been included.

Identify process requirements

You may choose to develop a discussion forum on usability criteria for this task.

Learners may write a report on how the W3C Priority 1 Accessibility requirements should be incorporated into the website. Learners should not just list the priorities, but describe how they will incorporate the guidelines. This will demonstrate an understanding of the material.

Prepare the technical

With the business requirements determined, learners

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