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E-Commerce Toolbox teachers guide

This project requires learners to develop the brochure site for Bazaar Ceramics. NOTE: The "Create Dynamic Pages" resource pack directs learners to online tutorials on basic JavaScript programming. In order to complete this unit, it is essential for learners to work through these tutorials (or have pre-requisite knowledge from a unit such as ICAB137A: Produce basic client side script for dynamic web pages).

The table below provides comments to help in the facilitation of this project

Project task


Set up and test the server environment

Organise access to a web server

The learner is required to set up and test access to the server environment. At this point the learner will not be using server-side scripts, so access to a web server is only important for signing off the performance criteria and to ensure learners understand what is involved.

There are a number of ways this could be accomplished as shown below. The facilitator will need to make a decision about which option should be used, and advise the learner accordingly.

Perhaps the simplest is for learners to set up a web server on their own machine (eg using IIS or Apache). Brief instructions are provided in the resource pack for this or there is a tutorial in the Integrate database resource pack.

The learner may have access to their own web server via an ISP.

The RTO may provide access to a web server.

To verify the learner successfully completed this section you should view the screen dump of the "served" page. It should display the correct URL (eg http://localhost/mywebpage.htm) not driveletter: foldername.

Develop website

Learners are required to develop a brochure site based on the prototype created in the Information architecture project stage. If the learner has not created this prototype you will need to provide them with an outline of the website design. The important consideration is that the website should include dynamic content. The project tasks list a number of suggestions but the facilitator should guide the learners at this point according to level of skills etc. Some examples include:

scrolling text

animation (some graphics are provided in shared/bazaar_resources/images/. For example there are a series of still photographs of pot throwing in shared/bazaar_resources/images/production/. These images could be used for a very basic animated sequence or a simple slide show).


The resource pack provides guidance on DHTML using JavaScript for the scripting language.

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