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E-Commerce Toolbox teachers guide

ICAP5039A Match the IT needs with the strategic direction of the enterprise

Project 2 Stage 1:Strategic plan for website

To complete this stage of the project learners will need to perform the project tasks and submit the project deliverables. The table below provides comments to help in the facilitation of this stage of the project.

Project Task


Review critical issues and strategic objectives

For this task learners need to review the business profile/ history and the strategic plan of the business.

This will enable learners to understand the problems and opportunities faced by the business.

Review current IT systems

For this task learners need to review the IT systems of the business.

This may involve a review of previous projects and resource packs to understand their:




staff skills

This will enable learners to understand the resources and skills the business has.

Conduct Gap Analysis

Using the information reviewed in Task 1 of the project, and the Evaluate impact of changes resource pack (msd_e2_impact), learners should be able to complete a gap analysis, using the template provided.

The aim is to get learners to look at what the business has in place, and what they would like to have in place in the future. Gaps that exist between these two must be mapped. The items/ resources needed to ‘fill’ these gaps is documented.

Develop options

Learners must consider all possible options for new system solutions. They must be described in detail. The options may encompass a variety of choices, including:

reductions to staff

e-commerce solution

reductions of buildings/ offices

change of location

improvement to the manual system

It is envisaged that learners will focus on the ecommerce solution to be the major option available to the business.

**Learners are required to submit the gap analysis and the list of options to the facilitator. The facilitator should ensure that learners have considered all appropriate gaps and options.

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