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E-Commerce Toolbox teachers guide

BSBPM505A Manage project quality

Project 2 Stage 2:Quality management for website

Manage project quality is a competency that is best experienced in conjunction with the development of a project. Element 2 involves the implementation of quality assurance. This implies that learners should capture, record, and analyse results from quality assurance practices.

Note:It is recommended that learners complete this competency in association with Design the website (ICAA5141A Design dynamic websites to meet technical requirements). Failure to complete this competency while developing a project may result in the RTO providing additional resources to enable assessment of the learner’s competency.

The assessment for this competency has two submissions:


A quality management plan


Results of quality management

Facilitator interaction

Learners need to nominate quality objectives to be used within their quality management plan. A list of generic objectives has been provided as a base for the quality objectives. Learners are encouraged to seek guidance from their facilitator in regard to the quantity and appropriateness of their chosen or devised quality objectives. Learners are also encouraged to seek guidance on the quantity and appropriateness of quality criteria.

Assessment alternatives

Alternative assessment methods or learner exercises may include:

Option 1

The RTO provides a project schedule and a table of completed tasks. The learner plots the progress, checks conformance to a plan and prepares one or more of a progress report, completion report or a project forecast. Learners can find examples of each type of report within the Toolbox.

Option 2

The RTO provides test objectives and test results for learner evaluation. The learner compares the results against the objective and reports on the attainment of objectives. Learners can find examples of reports and report templates within the Toolbox.

Option 3

Learners prepare a quality management plan based on the action plans developed in strategic plan for websites (ICAP5039A – Match the IT needs with the strategic direction of the enterprise)

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