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E-Commerce Toolbox teachers guide

ICAA5141A Design dynamic websites to meet technical requirements

Project 2 Stage 3:Design website

This project requires learners to design a website with e-commerce functionality.

The table below provides comments to help in the facilitation of this project.

Project task


Create a project plan

A specification for the e-commerce prototype is provided in wd_ddw_proj/projectpak/resources/project2_specs.doc. The facilitator should review this. At this stage learners are not expected to implement any of the MySQL or PHP components (this occurs in the next stage of the project). This stage focuses on design. Learners are to design the pages for the ecommerce functionality, and implement a prototype. However the prototype should include the HTML pages only, not the scripting.

Note also there is an example project plan in the resource pack. Learners can use this as a basis for their plan.

Write technology report

The technology report requires learners to research PHP and MySQL. If you don’t intend to use these technologies you should review this section.

Learners are asked to consider what issues will arise from selection of these technologies. The main issue here is to consider the “interface pages”. In the next stage of the project learners will be developing a database and PHP forms to insert and retrieve data from the database.

Design the e-commerce pages and develop design documentation

Submission #1

Therefore in the design phase they should consider what form fields will be required and what pages will be needed for validation (i.e. what data needs to be collected and displayed, and design any I/O pages). Learners should submit their design at this point before continuing on to the implementation phase.

Create prototype

In this task the learner creates the prototype. They should implement all the HTML pages but none of the PHP or MySQL elements (this will be completed in the next phase of the project). Learners should also include some multimedia elements in their pages. The facilitator should make suggestions here as it will entirely depend on what software and hardware is available to them. Suggestions include:

Banners using scrolling text (see the Create Pages resource pack > Add functions >Dynamic positioning > Scrolling text)

An image map (see the Design Websites resource pack > Implement the Website > Activities > Activity 1 for an example of image maps). Students could use one of the Bazaar Ceramics images for this purpose.

A short slide show sequence (see the Design website resource pack as described above).

ICAB5180A Integrate a database with a website

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