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E-Commerce Toolbox teachers guide

Project 2 Stage 4:Database integration for website

This competency requires the integration of a database with a website. The resource pack includes tutorials on using PHP and MySQL. These products have been chosen because they are open source, readily available and well accepted in the industry for web applications. The RTO can substitute these tutorials with tutorials for software of their choosing.

The table below provides comments to help in the facilitation of this project.

Project task


Write a database requirements report

Learners are directed to a document containing specifications for the e-commerce website (project2_specs.doc in the projectpak/resources folder). The specifications are for an online catalog and ordering system. The facilitator should review the specifications to ensure it suits the capabilities and needs of their learners.

The specifications have been designed to allow the implementation of a merit system. For example Parts 1 and 2 should be implemented to gain a pass. However, the different sections of Parts 3, 4 and 5 could offer the opportunity for merit points. For example completion of part 3 would achieve a credit and completion of part 4 OR 5 would achieve a distinction. The facilitator should advise students which parts of the specifications are to be implemented

A forum is suggested for this task to allow learners to discuss what data types will be needed for the system. The facilitator should set up and moderate this discussion forum to ensure learners make appropriate decisions regarding the structure of the database.

Setup and test connection to the database

Learners are required to set up and test a database connection. The resource pack has a tutorial regarding set up of a “local” web server - using one computer as server and client browser. This is one approach however the facilitator may choose alternative approaches such as providing access to a web server or using an ISP.

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