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E-Commerce Toolbox teachers guide

ICAU5208A Use site server tools for transaction management

Project 3 Stage 1:Server tools for website

The table below provides comments to help in the facilitation of this project

Project task


Write report confirming task requirements

This task covers Element 1 which requires the learner to confirm and document the requirements with the client. The requirements list provided (link is in the projects task page of the Toolbox) suggests that learner’s research “activity logging”. This server tool has been chosen because it is considered that most learners will have access to a web server (e.g. MS IIS) with this functionality.

Suggestions for tutorials have been provided on configuring MS IIS “activity logging” on a Windows XP system (see Server tools resource pack > Select Tools > Activities > Activity 4). If the learner has some other system, they should be advised to research the Internet on how to configure activity logging on their system.

Since the learner is asked to confirm requirements with the facilitator, the facilitator can take the opportunity to change the requirements list. If the facilitator chooses some other server tool, they will need to consider providing some resources to the learner on how to install and use this software.

Learners are not given a budget, instead they will be asked to provide a costing of the proposed server tools.

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