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E-Commerce Toolbox teachers guide

ICAA5056A Prepare disaster recovery/contingency plans

Project 3 Stage 3:Disaster recovery for website

The project involves learners preparing and submitting a disaster recovery plan. Information has been provided within the project pack to enable the learners to complete this task; however learners may need to make assumptions in order to complete the report. Learners have been requested to include assumptions in the appendix. It is recommended that facilitators read any assumptions before marking the report.

The case study provided in the project is based on a theoretical example; a better solution is for learners to prepare a disaster recovery plan for a tangible organisation. It is recommended that learners prepare a disaster recovery plan for your learning institute or an organisation with which they are familiar.

At the bottom of the project page the following note appears:

“You may choose to prepare a disaster recovery plan in an organisation with which you are familiar, in this case discuss the organisation and scope with your facilitator”

A disaster recovery plan – like many other plans and reports – is prone to expand into an ever expanding report. It is wise to discuss the scope and detail of this report with the learners.

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