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E-Commerce Toolbox teachers guide

Suggestions and support for facilitation has been provided in the section “Facilitation guide”.

Structure of the Toolbox

The Toolbox covers the following training package:

ICA50605Diploma of Information Technology (Web Development)

The Diploma consists of nine common core units, seven specialist units, and five electives, three of which are currently available in this Toolbox.

Common core units

These core units, which are common to the majority of IT Diplomas, are:

PSPPM502BManage complex projects

ICAA5151AGather data to identify business requirements

ICAA5158ATranslate the business needs into technical requirements

ICAA5054AValidate quality and completeness of design

ICAP5039AMatch the IT needs with the strategic direction of the enterprise

BSBPM505AManage project quality

ICAS5202AEnsure privacy for users

(Note – this can also relate to business analysis and planning)

ICAA5056APrepare disaster recovery/contingency plans

ICAS5102AEstablish and maintain client user liaison

(Note – this is post-implementation support)

Specialist website units

ICAA5146ADevelop website information architecture

ICAB5165ACreate dynamic pages

ICAA5141ADesign dynamic websites to meet technical requirements

ICAB5180AIntegrate a database with a website

ICAT5083ADevelop and conduct client acceptance test

ICAU5208AUse site server tools for transaction management

ICAT5081APerform systems test

Elective units

ICAI5212AImplement quality assurance processes for websites

ICAA5139ADesign a database

ICAB5068ABuild using RAD

Project based approach

The Toolbox is organised around three projects, which have been based on discussions with industry content specialists. The learner will be expected to take on the role of project manager for each project.

A project based methodology has the following benefits:


Contextualised, authentic learning.


Discussions with people working in related industry areas suggest that work is commonly managed and assigned around projects.

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