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E-Commerce Toolbox teachers guide


Projects provide opportunities for higher level skills appropriate at the diploma level.


Provides reinforcement of higher level concepts and skills such as project management and systems analysis by applying these skills on each project.


Provides the opportunity to integrate analytical, generic, and technical skills to a complex and realistic situation.

The projects and units of competency

There are three projects associated with the Diploma of Web Development. On completion the learner will have met all the objectives of the nine core and seven specialist units.

The projects area provides a summary of all the projects. Each project is divided into a number of stages with each stage representing one unit of competency. Associated with each project stage is a resource pack.

The projects

Website project 1 – Bazaar Ceramics website

PSPPM502BManage complex projects

ICAA5151AGather data to identify business requirements

ICAA5158ATranslate the business needs into technical requirements

ICAA5141ADesign dynamic websites to meet technical requirements

ICAA5146ADevelop website information architecture

ICAB5165ACreate dynamic pages

ICAA5054AValidate quality and completeness of design

Website project 2 – Bazaar Ceramics e-commerce website

ICAP5039AMatch the IT needs with the strategic direction of the enterprise

ICAS5202AEnsure privacy for users

ICAB5180AIntegrate a database with a website

ICAT5083ADevelop and conduct client acceptance test

ICAS5102AEstablish and maintain client user liaison

Website project 3 - Website performance

ICAA5056APrepare disaster recovery/contingency plans

ICAT5081APerform systems test

ICAU5208AUse site server tools for transaction management

BSBPM505AManage project quality

Resource packs

A resource pack contains all resources necessary to develop the skills and knowledge to complete the related project stage. Importantly however, the resource pack is independent of the project and only contains formative assessments (the project is the summative assessment).

Resource packs contain resources such as discussion papers, tutorials, activities, and selfchecks to ensure the learner has opportunities to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to complete the project tasks.

A resource pack equates to one unit of competency.

Tools and resources

Several competencies require specialised tools and environments, although this Toolbox has been developed independent of specific tools, environments, and platforms. As an example:

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