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to lowering these costs.

Expected Results

When the new SQL Server 7.0 and ProClarity system is fully operational, Stanley expects it to provide significant benefits to account representatives in the field, business analysts in his and other groups, and HP's reseller customers: "I expect that account reps who are calling on a major account will log onto a Web page on Monday morning before going to call on that account and pull up last week's sales and inventory levels all the way down to the store level. They can produce a report that shows inventory problems in particular stores—for example, the new printer we just introduced three weeks ago is selling really well but it looks like we're having stock outs in particular stores. Then they can take our in-store audit data, which might show a problem with product placement in these stores. They can suggest that the problem may be that the product is displayed in the computer aisle, and people may not be shopping the computer aisle for a printer.

"Then, as analysts, we can study these trends over time and say, 'These stores are continually out of stock. These other stores are continually over stock and don't have as high a sell-through rate. Let's move inventory from these stores where it just sits on the shelves for two weeks to these stores where it sells out in half a week.'"

"The bottom line," concludes Stanley, "is that this new system, through more accurate, detailed, and timely data, will make our business more efficient so we, in turn, can help our resellers make their businesses more efficient."

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