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AppleCare Protection Plan for iPod

Quick Reference Guide

Try these simple steps before contacting Apple for help. If you experience problems with your iPod, try the troubleshooting steps below. As a precaution, back up all content on the iPod, including photos, videos, contacts, calendar, notes, and any other files on your iPod before you perform these steps. Make sure your iPod software is up to date.

Verify that you have the latest iPod software. You can download the latest iPod software from the iPod Support website at www.apple.com/uk/ipod/download. For more information about iPod software, go to the Apple Support website at www.apple.com/support and search for the AppleCare Knowledge Base article “iPod: How to Find Software Version” by entering 60984 or the article “Updating iPod software” by entering 60944.

Verify that you have the latest iTunes. You can download the latest iTunes at www.apple.com/uk/ipod/download in the UK and Ireland.

If your iPod does not turn on

  • Check the Hold switch

If your iPod does not respond, toggle the Hold switch on and off (set it to HOLD and then turn it off again). On the iPod and iPod nano, sliding the switch towards the word “Hold” is on. There is no Hold switch on the iPod shuffle.

  • Charge your iPod

If your iPod does not respond, you may need to charge it. Connect your iPod directly to your computer or to an iPod Power Adapter if available. Make sure you are using the cable that came with your iPod and that your iPod is connected to a high power USB port. When your iPod is connected to a power source, the battery icon may animate to show that it’s charging (the light



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