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should blink on an iPod shuffle). You may have to wait up to 15 minutes for the icon to animate. While connected to a power source, push any button to turn on the power and check the screen.

If your iPod does not respond

  • Reset your iPod

If your iPod does not respond and appears to be frozen, you may need to reset it:

    • 1.

      Connect your iPod to your computer or an iPod Power Adapter if available. Make sure the computer is on and is not set to go to sleep.

    • 2.

      Toggle the Hold switch on and off (set it to HOLD and then turn it off again).

    • 3.

      Press and hold the Center and Menu buttons simultaneously until the Apple logo appears.

    • 4.

      iPod shuffle users should toggle the on/off switch to the off position for 5 seconds to reset.

  • Restore your iPod

If your iPod still does not respond after you reset it, you may need to restore the iPod software. To restore your iPod software, download the iPod Software Updater application from the iPod Support website at www.apple.com/uk/support/ipod in the UK and Ireland. For more information about restoring iPod software, go to the Apple Support website and search for the AppleCare Knowledge Base article “Restoring iPod to factory settings” by entering 60983.

If your iPod displays a “Do not disconnect” message Do not disconnect your iPod when the message “Do not disconnect” appears on the iPod screen. Disconnecting while this message appears could damage the files on your iPod. To disconnect your iPod from your computer, select iPod in the iTunes Source list and click the Eject button.

On a Mac, you can also drag the iPod desktop icon to the Trash to eject it. Windows users can safely “Remove Hardware” from the Windows system tray. When it is OK to disconnect the iPod from your computer, a large battery icon or the iPod main menu appears. For more information about connecting and disconnecting, refer to the documentation that came with your iPod.


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