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Notes Paper presented at the annual conference of the Society of American Archivists, Washington, DC, 3 September 1995. S. Muller, J.A. Feith, R. Fruin. Manualfor the Arrangement and Description ofArchives (A. Leavitt, trans.), (New York, 1940). American Archivist 28 (1965). p. 447. M. Brichford, "The Origins of Modem European ArchivalTheory," The Midwestern Archivist 7 (1982). pp. 87-101; E. Ketelaar, "Muller, Feith, and Fruin," Miscellanea Carlos Wffels, Archives et bibli- othZques de Belgique/Archief -en bibliotheekwezen in Belgie 57 (1986). pp. 255-68; F.C.J. Ketelaar, "De Handleiding 90jaar," Nederlands Archievenblad 92 (1988). pp. 148-51;M. Rabe Banitt, "Coming to America: Dutch Archivistiek and American Archival Practice," Archival Issues 18 (1993),pp. 43-52. J.L. van der Gouw, Archiejivetenschap ('s-Gravenhage, 1973);A.E.M. Ribberink, "De toekomst en het verleden, het phenomeen Muller 1874-1994,"Nederlands Archievenblad 78 (1974), pp. 187-96;F.C.J. Ketelaar, "S. Muller, Fz. en het Nederlands archiefwezen," pp. 198-210; A.E.M. Ribberink, "Op weg naar democratie," in P. Brood, ed., Respect voor de oude orde. Honderdjaar Verenigingvanarchivarissen in Nederland (Hilversum, 1991), pp. 11-25; W.E. Goelema, "De Handleiding: nieuwlichterij of codificatie?," pp. 61-72. In my article, cited in note three (p. 257), I wrote erroneously: Zutphen. P. Horsman, "Taming the Elephant. An Orthodox Approach to the Principle of Provenance," in K. Abukhanfusa and J. Sydbeck, eds., The Principle of Provenance. Report from the First Stockholm Conference on Archival Theory and the Principle of Provenance (Stockholm, 1994) p. 61, note 7; Muller, Feith, Fruin, Manual, p. 50. Terry Eastwood, "Nailing a Little Jelly to the Wall of Archival Studies," Archivaria 35 (Spring 1993), pp. 232-52. F.C.J. Ketelaar, Voowerp van archiefietenschap (Houten, 1993).p. 19. Van der Gouw, Archiejivetenschap, p. 7. "1 do not comprehend how you managed to familiarize yourself with your archives so quickly and so well. 1have been working here for two years now, but I assure you that it would not by far be possible for me, without special Gearch, to presknt such a good accoun; of the ancient city administration. And vet this is sohighlv necessary to understand the archives.Before I start with the definitiveinventorization i will have toge; thoroughiy acquainted with it:' Letter from Muller to Van Riemsdijk, 1 February

1876, General State Archives, The Hague, Archives of the General State Archives, Van Riemsdijk Papers, 623127. Verslagenomtrent 'srijb oude archieven 1865-1877 ('s-Gravenhage, 1914).p. 154.Cf.Van der Gouw, Archiejivetenschap, p. 6. Muller, Feith, Fmin, Manual, paragraph 16.Leavitt translated the Dutch "archief' incorrectly as archi- val collection: see F. Upward, "In Search of the Continuum: Ian Maclean's 'Australian Experience' Essays on Recordkeeping," in S. McKemmishand M. Piggott,eds., TheRecords Continuum.Ian Maclean andAustralian Archives First F ty Years(Clayton, 1994),note 13.1use the term ''fonds." as used in the General International Standard Archival Description ISAD (G).

In the explanation to paragraph 16 there is a glimpse of Van Riemsdijk's idea: "Only the system- atic arrangement of the archival collection which is based on its old organization leads to satisfactory results...," p. 55. Van der Gouw, Archiefiefenschap, p. 7. Terry Cook, "Mind over Matter: Towards a New Theory for Archival Appraisal," in Barbara L. Craig, ed., The Archival Imagination. Essays in Honour ofHugh A. Taylor (Ottawa, 1992) p. 47. Th. van Riemsdijk, De gri@e van Hare Hoog Mogenden. Bijdrage tot de kennis van het arclzief van de Staten-Generaal der VereenigdeNederlanden ('s-Gravenhage, 1885). Preface. A.Th. van Deursen, "Archief en geschiedwetenschap," in P. Brood, ed., Voorburger en bestuur.Twintig jaar Nederlands archiefwezen 1968-1988 (Hilversum, 1988), p. 110; Ribberink, "De toekomst en het verledenp," p. 19. H.O. Meisner, Archivalienkunde vom 16. Jahrhundert bis 1918 (Gottingen, 1969). p. 123; P. Walne, ed., Dictionary of Archival Terminology, 2nd ed. (Miinchen 1988).s.v. diplomatic. Ketelaar, Voonuerp, p. 16;Eastwood, "Nailing a Little Jelly," p. 242. Van Riemsdijk, De Grifie, pp. 163-65. H. Hardenberg, "Some Reflections on the Principles for the Arrangement of Archives," in P. Walne,ed., Modern Archives Administration and Records Management: a RAMP Reader (Paris, 1985), p. 112; Nederlandse archiefterminologie (Zwolle, 1962). nr. 82; Lexicon van Nederlandse arclzieftermen

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