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gration of the data collection, review, and report prepara- tion; (2) development of software for statistical analysis and plotting of temporal trends; (3) linkage of MACDP data with MADDSP data to allow further evaluations of the prevalence of developmental disabilities among chil- dren with birth defects; (4) geocoding MACDP data to allow evaluation of regional variations in prevalence and mortality of birth defects; and (5) linkage of MACDP data with environmental data to facilitate environmental track- ing. Because MACDP covers a limited geographic area, we plan to continue to work with states to design, implement, and coordinate population-based birth defect programs to provide a nationwide coverage for birth defect surveillance and etiologic studies with the goal of preventing birth defects.


The development and operation of MACDP has been made possible through the efforts of many people. We are indebted to: Arthur Falik, William Flynt, and Clark Heath, for their vision and pioneering efforts in establishing MACDP; Lee James for his valuable contributions to the development and management of the monitoring database and software; Larry Edmonds for his commitment to man- agement over many years, Dave Erickson and Godfrey Oakley for their leadership and support; the staffs of par- ticipating hospitals and laboratories whose collaboration have made MACDP possible; Debra Adams, Fran Baxter, Jo Anne Croghan, Joann Donaldson, Joan Garcia, Debbie Nurmi, Kitty Peecher, Charlie Peters, and Wendy Sklenka for their dedication and effort in identification of cases and abstraction of case information, and all past abstractors for identifying cases and abstracting information over the years; Karen Thornton and Tineka Yowe for their commit- ment and efforts in ensuring the completeness and accu- racy of the abstracted information; Mike Atkinson, Don Gambrell, and Elaine Rhodenhiser for their technical sup- port with data management; Lorenzo Botto, Cynthia Moore, Richard Olney, and Sonja Rasmussen for their re- view of clinical data, classification of defects, and further development of our coding system; and to the many other individuals who over the years have contributed to MACDP.


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Birth Defects Research (Part A) 67:617–624 (2003)

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