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To change the unit of measurement, first hold down the Stop button while inserting the key into the console. An “E” for English miles or an “M” for metric kilometers will appear in the Speed

display. Press the Speed

button to change the

unit of measurement. When the desired unit of measurement is selected, remove the key.

Calories/Pulse display—This display shows the approximate numbers of calories and fat calories you have burned (see FAT BURN- ING on page 24). The display will change from one number to the other every few seconds. The display will also show your heart rate when you use the handgrip pulse sensor or the optional chest pulse sensor.

Distance/Incline dis- play—This display shows the distance that you have walked or run and the incline level of the treadmill. The display will change from one number to the other every few seconds. Note: Each time the incline changes, the display will show the incline setting for several seconds.

Time/Pace displayWhen the manual mode or the iFIT.com mode is selected, this display will show the elapsed time and your current pace (pace is measured in minutes per mile). The dis- play will change from one number to the other every few seconds. When a preset program or a heart rate program is selected, the display will show the time remaining in the program rather than the elapsed time.

To reset the displays, press the Stop button, re- move the key, and then reinsert the key.





Measure your heart rate if desired.

You can measure your heart rate using either the handgrip pulse sensor or the optional chest pulse sensor.

To use the hand- grip pulse sen- sor, first make sure that your hands are clean. Next, stand on the foot rails and place your hands on the metal contacts on the handgrip pulse sensor. Your palms should be resting on the upper contacts and your fingers should be touching the lower contacts. Avoid moving your hands. When your pulse is detected, two dashes (– –) will appear in the Calories/Pulse display, and then your heart rate will be shown. For the most accurate heart rate reading, continue to hold the contacts for about 15 seconds. Contacts

Turn on the fan if desired.

To turn on the fan, press the button below the fan. To turn on the fan at high speed, press the button a second time. To turn off the fan, press the but- ton a third time. Note: A few minutes after the walking belt is stopped, the fan will automatically turn off.

When you are finished exercising, remove the key from the console.

Step onto the foot rails, press the Stop button, and adjust the incline of the treadmill to the lowest setting. The incline must be at the lowest setting when the treadmill is folded to the storage posi- tion or the treadmill will be damaged. Next, re- move the key from the console and put it in a se- cure place. Note: If the displays and various indi- cators on the console remain lit after the key is removed, the console is in the “demo” mode. See page 20 and turn off the demo mode.

When you are finished using the treadmill, move the reset/off circuit breaker switch near the power cord to the off position and unplug the power cord.

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