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Published in The Appeal to Reason [Girard, KS], whole no. 398 (July 18, 1903), pp. 2-5. - page 2 / 14





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Reports of State Secretaries, Socialist Party of America [1903]

tion always precedes the man; Robespierre did not cre- ate the French Revolution, nor Washington the war of Independence. These great events are epochs which mark the evolution of the human race. There will be other Washingtons and Lincolns to lead the people out of the industrial bondage whenever condition cre- ates the occasion to bring them forth. So Arkansas with all its resources became a field for Socialism, because of the economic servitude of the people in other words, the political and industrial conditions of the citizens have developed this noble child of economic thought

  • and oh, how it does grow! From a small local of

eight members in the capital cit , to 26 locals over the state at the present day.

We have so many inquiries about this doctrine of human fellowship, Socialism, that I need a stenog- rapher to answer the correspondence of this office. On the 23rd of May we held the first Socialist convention ever held in Arkansas. We perfected our state organi- zation applied for a state charter. Everything seems to be moving smoothly, and if we continue to grow as we have in the past, Socialism will soon become a great factor in Arkansas for the inauguration of the coop- erative commonwealth.

about 15,000. Two county offices were captured at the last election.

The state membership is now large enough to sustain the state office permanentl , enabling the Sec- retary and Assistant Secretary to devote their entire time to the work. The movement is sufficiently strong in municipalities to handle the organizers and state speakers from town to town, and thus multiply the strength and efficiency of the state organization and the popular vote indefinitely. Our perpetual campaign is keeping the subject to the front in all the avenues of information and discussion. The idea is permeating the working people who are finding our organization trained for the function of state and municipal ad- ministration in their interests, on the high road to the Cooperative Commonwealth. To the comrades of the other states, we send fraternal greetings, and the as- surance that the Socialist Party of California will hold the fort, until we close ranks at Washington, and as a nation extent the cooperation of the Socialist Repub- lic of America to our comrades across the sea.

Edger B. Helfenstein, State Secretary.

E.W. Perrin, State Secretary and Organizer.

The Socialist Movement in Colorado.

California’s Standing.

At the present writing, California has 56 locals, with a dues-paying membership of 1,338. On account of the area and peculiar length of the state, it has been found convenient to divide the territory into two dis- tricts for organization purposes.Two organizers are kept constantly in the field. Comrade J.D. Stevens of San Francisco is the state organizer for Northern Califor- nia and Com. Harry McKee of San Diego is covering Southern California. The dues-paying membership represents a group of active campaigners. Over one thousand men and women are working systematically for the cause from year to year and are making a great impression on the population. California holds the national record for state dues to national headquarters during the past year. Our voting strength averages

The first local of the Socialist Party was orga- nized in Denver by National Organizer [Charles H.] Vail in August 1901, and numbered about twenty per- sons. From this small beginning it has grown to 54 locals throughout the state, with a dues paying mem- bership of about 1200. In the general election of 1902 we polled a vote of nearly 9,000. A great impetus was given to the work in June 1902 by the action of the American Labor Union and the Western Federation of Miners in their annual convention in Denver, en- dorsing the party; but the state organization failed to fully utilize the advantages which this action of the labor organization gave it, by internal discord over matters of trivial importance, which resulted in the forming of a new state committee on May 24. At the meeting of this committee broad and liberal plans were adopted with unanimity and enthusiasm, and the com- rades throughout the state feel that a new era of progress

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