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Published in The Appeal to Reason [Girard, KS], whole no. 398 (July 18, 1903), pp. 2-5. - page 3 / 14





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Reports of State Secretaries, Socialist Party of America [1903]


has dawned upon the work in Colorado. A series of four monster mass meetings were held in Denver dur- ing the conventions of the Western Federation of Min- ers and the American Labor Union the last week of May and the last week of June — three of them in the Tabor Grand Opera House and one in the Coliseum, the largest auditorium in the city. The principal speak- ers were Frederick G. Strickland, J. Stitt Wilson, and Walter Thomas Mills. Mr. Mills spoke twice, and his address at the last meeting in the Coliseum was a magnificent climax to the great series. The meetings were held under the auspices of the Denver Local, and the expense (over $600) was generously shared by the great labor organizations.

The state committee adopted a modification of the Michigan and Ohio plans of organization, and an assessment of 10 cents per member was authorized as a quarterly fund, and a special assessment stamp has been prepared to be affixed to the membership cards. Two Directors of Organizers were elected, Dr. W.F. Farrar of Carbondale and Mrs. F.L. Tebow of Denver, whose work will be to arrange circuits and route the organizers. Charles Olive Jones and Mrs. Ida Crouch Hazlett were elected organizers under the new arrange- ment and are already in the field. Others will be ap- pointed as fast as the work can be arranged, so that they can be systematically and steadily employed.

J.W. Martin.

successful strawberry grower and an earnest Socialist, has agreed to make a tour of the state, speaking and organizing locals for his actual expenses for traveling and board. We are making efforts to raise a fund for this purpose, which is being responded to. This tour should result in a large increase both of members and locals.

The movement has developed a number of very enthusiastic workers, who are doing their part in the great work.

We need funds to put the work upon a sound basis. We have every confidence in our cause and ex- pect to develop the party work in this state.

Florida is a state of “magnificent distances” and the railroads have voracious appetites. Our largest ex- pense will be for travelling. We are not sitting down waiting for someone to do this work, but we are going at it as best we can and will no doubt give an account of the state at the next round up.

The great need of the party is the development of the missionary spirit of giving. This in my judg- ment is the test of a true Socialist. Could we get 10 cents a week from the organized Socialists, every state would be able to start a crusade that would be an eye- opener to plutocracy.

The work of the Appeal in collecting funds and sending speakers through the south is appreciated in Florida, as we realize the dense ignorance regarding our principles, in fact of our existence, throughout a

From Florida.

The Socialist movement in Florida is in a very fair condition, with every prospect of a strong organi- zation in the future. Florida having been isolated from the rest of the work, we have not made the progress that we would have done had we had funds or been in the track of our party speakers. The tour of Comrade J.C. Chase last winter was the only speaker we have had excepting local talent.

large portion of the black belt. The people are willing to investigate Socialism when it is presented to them, and you meet very few who do not realize that “some- thing must be done.” They know not what. The im- portance of this work cannot be estimated though in many places you do not see any immediate results, the distribution of papers, taking subscriptions, and sell- ing of books will open the path and create an interest that will bear fruit. We will gladly welcome the day when the fund will permit one or two men in each state.

W.R. Healey.

The first local was organized at Orlando, No- vember 18, 1901. The state was organized July 14, 1902. We have steadily grown until we now have 18 locals, and many places asking for speakers.

Comrade C.W. Flanagan of Lakeland, a very

The Illinois Comrades.

The present Socialist Party of Illinois dates from the Unity Convention held at Chicago, Sept. 29th,

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