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Published in The Appeal to Reason [Girard, KS], whole no. 398 (July 18, 1903), pp. 2-5. - page 5 / 14





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Reports of State Secretaries, Socialist Party of America [1903]


state. Comrades who have hitherto remained apart from the organized movement are enthusiastic over this plan and are securing pledges from local comrades who agree to take the speakers we will send out under these terms.

The state is ripe for this work and the problem now is not whether we can get enough towns to coop- erate in this work but whether we will be able to sup- ply the demands which will be made for our speakers.

Our watchword in this states is 20,000 votes for the Socialist candidate for President in 1904 and we are marshalling our forces with that object in view. Let every Socialist take advantage of the opportunity for summer agitation for we have an unscrupulous foe to meet next year and their fire will be directed against the Socialist Party in every state in the union.The world for the working class is a prize worthy of our best exer- tions.

in spite of the fact that much is said against his rough appearance and uncouth manner. I regard him as be- ing many times a diamond in the rough. In the many small cities of Iowa we find the factory in which is the exploited wage-earner. He has a more independent spirit, however, than the factory hand of the large city. He is willing to listen and reason with you, and if we can get to him with our literature and speeches before the next panic comes, we are sure of him and may count on him when it comes to making the final blow for the cooperative commonwealth. Then we have our railroad systems and their large number of wage work- ers, upon whom the present conditions are pressing. I believe that all round, Iowa furnishes as good a field for the Socialist agitator as any state in the union, and I confidently look forward to a great Socialist vote in this state in the near future.

In 1901 our vote was 3,463 and in 1902 it was

Yours Fraternall ,

James Oneal, State Sec. Socialist Party of Indiana, 16 South Fifth Street, Terre Haute.

6,360. What it will be this year I will not undertake to say, but will assure the comrades that our percent of increase will compare favorably with that of any other state in the union. To the comrades of Iowa, I send a word of cheer and fraternal greetings, and urge each of you to do your best in the great cause. To the com- rades of other states, I will sa , “Keep your eyes on Iowa.”

Iowa’s Work.

While in Chicago last summer I had a talk with one of the well known Socialist writers of that city. He said that because Iowa was an agricultural state that it would be hard to reach, as the farmer is not easily con- vinced that he is being exploited. This may sound rea- sonable at first thought, but upon consideration we find that Iowa is not a state filled with “Rubens” and “clod-hoppers,” but has within her borders all kinds of people and industries. The farming class in Iowa is an intelligent one, and to say that they cannot see the beauties of the Socialist philosophy when properly presented to them is entirely incorrect. We have in Iowa a great body of coal miners, and this class of workers is the victim of exploitation as much as any in the country. I have visited with them, and know some- thing of their labor and general conditions. They are ready for Socialism and if we had the means, we could soon organize their districts so that we would more than hold the balance of power. The miner is all right

W.A. Jacobs, State Secretary.

(NOTE— Comrade Jacobs is now State Organizer and J.J. Jacobson of Des Moines is State Secretary.)

Kentucky’s Work.

The progress of the Socialist movement in Ken- tucky is extremely satisfactory. The movement in this state is barely four years old, and the work until a com- paratively recent date has been devoted to perfecting local organizations in the industrial centers, the work outside of these points being carried on almost exclu- sively by the great propaganda papers of the move- ment, the Appeal taking a very active part.

Thanks to the energy of our press, the work of organizing in new territory bids fair to eclipse our great- est expectation. We find in nearly every community a

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