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Published in The Appeal to Reason [Girard, KS], whole no. 398 (July 18, 1903), pp. 2-5. - page 6 / 14





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Reports of State Secretaries, Socialist Party of America [1903]

movement made to order, as it were.

bilee Edition,” I remain

While Kentucky does not compare so favorably with some of the other states in regard to numbers,

Yours Fraternall ,

the quality of the membership is very high, indeed. In

clearness of conception the fundamental principles of International Socialism and untiring energy in spread- ing the propaganda, the Kentucky boys acknowledge no superiors.

James M. Dial, Jr., Secretary-Treasurer.

The work of organizing the state outside the in- dustrial centers is just getting under wa , but the im- mediate and unqualified success that has invariably

The Party in Michigan.

attended our efforts so far justifies the prediction that Kentucky will take her place among the banner states in the movement.

Our chief trouble has been lack of funds to carry on the work we have mapped out. We have been un- able, until recentl , to place an organizer in the field, and have been compelled to refuse engagements to splendid agitators for the same reason.

At present we have Comrade W.C. Benton tour- ing the western part of the state. He is having great success, and we are in daily receipt of gratifying re- ports from the places he has visited.

We expect to route Comrade Chase in the near future in trade union centers, where he will undoubt- edly do good work.

In addition to this, the locals are securing good street speakers, and there will be street meetings in the larger cities almost every night this summer.

The state committee is preparing to send large quantities of literature over the state during the heated term, to prepare the ground for the fall campaign.

I cannot speak too highly of our prospects. Our efforts are meeting with a response far beyond our ex- pectations.

We have experienced some difficulty in getting names of Socialist in the interior of the state, and if every Socialist in Kentucky who reads this will write to me at once and get in touch with the organization, we will go on the official ballot as a recognized politi- cal party at the next election.

We have elected no public officials on the So- cialist ticket as yet. We carried the city of West Cov- ington at the last election, but there was no city elec- tion, the vote being for congressman only.

Appreciating the grand work you have done for the cause, and earnestly wishing the success of the “Ju-

The party organization of Michigan can well be considered in a very healthy condition. One thing should be considered, and that is that Michigan is one of the Republican Party’s strongholds. The great mass of wage slaves have been going to the polls election after election, believing that they were voting for the principles of the immortal Lincoln. But the most in- telligent of the workers are beginning to see that while their party is in power that the great concentration of wealth is going merrily on. We can compare very well in regard to our labor unions with any state in the nation. The organized workers are beginning to see that where they raise their wages, prices of commodi- ties immediately go up, and that they gain nothing in the long run.They are beginning to look another chan- nel for relief — having failed to find it in either of the old parties. Gradually they are looking into the prin- ciples of Socialism, and accepting it as the final test. The state organization has at present 26 locals in its fold, and others are under way. The party polled 6,402 votes at the state election last spring, and Socialists hold a number of township offices throughout the state. On Feb. 17, last, Comrade C.J. Lamb, of Dryden, outlined a plan for a soap box campaign during the warm months, with the result that he has 160 stations for his soap box orators, and a score of able exponents are on his list of speakers. What has been done has taken great work to accomplish; the comrades never tire, and the great work must go on until human be- ings can live the life that was intended for them. This will be realized with the full noon of the cooperative commonwealth.

John A.C. Menton, Secretary for Michigan.

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