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Published in The Appeal to Reason [Girard, KS], whole no. 398 (July 18, 1903), pp. 2-5. - page 7 / 14





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Reports of State Secretaries, Socialist Party of America [1903]


Party Progress in Minnesota.

A little over two years ago there were only 4 lo- cals of the Socialist Party in this state, and they were in a very weak condition. Today there are 38, and most of them are very active in the cause. The future prom- ises that the increase will be steady and rapid. The rea- sons for this remarkable growth are several. The splen- did agitation of the Appeal has carried the conviction home to many of our most active workers, but know- ing it to be too modest to claim to be the first cause of building up the movement, I will pass on to some of

George I Martin of Kansas City. Comrade Lockwood demonstrated for us the effective work that can be done by this method of agitation. Its attractive appearance, with phonograph outfit and gasoline lights, cannot fail to attract attention everywhere, and show the people that the Socialist Party of Minnesota is alive to the situation.

Comrade Father Hagerty is to make a few dates in this state very soon, and the agitation will be car- ried on unceasingly, and by the fall of 1904 we will be in splendid shape for the great campaign that is des- tined to be a landmark in the industrial revolution.

the other reasons. Two years ago Comrade G.H. Lockwood, the Socialist artist-lecturer, came to Minneapolis, and by

S.M. Holman, State Secretary,

his unceasing activity and contagious enthusiasm, in- fused new life into the comrades, and from that time dates the real progress of the work in this state.Through his efforts our lecture van was built, and by this means he was able to carry on a splendid agitation and orga- nize many locals. Much of the good done by Com- rade Lockwood, although not evident at the time, is coming to the surface every day. Comrade Carl D. Thompson, who is now making a tour of the state, writes me from Norman County that Comrade Lockwood’s work in that locality is in evidence every- where, and the comrades speak of him in the highest terms. We have seven active locals in that county, and they are soon to have a county organization. Comrade M.A. Brattland of Ada, who is ever active in the cause, and entitled to a great share of the credit for the excel- lent condition of the movement in that count , has been elected county organizer. It will be interesting to watch the growth of the party in that part of the state.

Comrade Carl D. Thompson has been acting as organizer in this state from March 15th to June 25th, and has met with great success everywhere. This ar- ticle does not afford the necessary space to enumerate the many letters of praise that have been received com- menting on his magnificent oratory and unanswerable logic. The great results of his work are becoming more and more evident every day,. The comrades of Minne- sota take great pleasure in acknowledging the lasting services that Comrade Thompson has rendered to the cause in this state.

Our lecture van is in the field doing valiant ser- vice. It is in charge of Comrades Guy E. Etherton and

11 Oak St. SE, Minneapolis, Minn.

From Old “Mizzouri.”

And you want to know what the Socialist Party is doing in Missouri? To begin with I will say that we have not made the progress we should have made con- sidering the fact that we have so large a number of wage workers. However, it is not so much what we have done but what we are now doing and will do as the wheel of time rolls around. I took the office of State Secretary-Treasurer on March 15 of this year and found 20 active dues paying clubs in existence. We had had an unpleasant contest over the matter of the party name, coming from the remnant of the old So- cialist Labor Party backed up by the Democratic poli- ticians of the state, which came near losing us a place on the ballot. Other good comrades who had grown restless on account of the slowness of the labor unions to grasp the Socialist ideal were inclined to play to labor union parties and all such as was calculated to confuse our position. Since the time I took the office we have increased the number of clubs in the state to 43. The membership has doubled as well as the num- ber of clubs. I am very anxious that every comrade who feels that he or she can form a club in their neigh- borhood write me for organizing material. In this way we can increase the number of clubs and prepare for a systematic campaign at as early date as it is possible with a big army of speakers. If we can have fifty speak- ers on the road next April we can have a party that will

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