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Published in The Appeal to Reason [Girard, KS], whole no. 398 (July 18, 1903), pp. 2-5. - page 8 / 14





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Reports of State Secretaries, Socialist Party of America [1903]

be invincible. This is an easy task if we get all our clubs formed so as to have them before us as precise and orderly as a train dispatcher handles his trains over his division. By this means we can have a speech every two weeks all during the campaign season and I feel that the result will be gratifying beyond our fondest hopes. I feel that the reasonable duty of every Socialist is to make a big sacrifice NOW. Our fight from this on will grow in intensit , but our battle while hard is short. We are much nearer the cooperative common-

unions as a whole cast their vote for Socialism, then, and then onl , will they receive and get their just dues. The state has had some of the best speakers in her borders the last year, and people are hungry to hear of the new order of things which we Socialists are striv- ing to bring about. The plan for the next year is orga- nize every precinct in this state.

The state committee has formulated plans for a hot campaign for 1904 and our motto will be “Suc- cess.” The Socialist press is quite well represented, as

wealth than some think.

we have five or six well-edited Socialist papers in this state.


Some of our best thinkers predict that this state will be one of the first to place the Socialist Party in power. I trust that if this is the case, which we are striv- ing hard to bring about, that our comrades will have

Caleb Lipscomb, Secretary-Treasurer

From Montana.

received that careful training which will enable them to guide the ship of state among the breakers which will lie thick about its prow in the crisis of its early victories.

The Socialist outlook in Montana is very bright and encouraging. In the last year we gained about 400%. Our spring municipal election was very grati- fying, far above our expectations. The Socialist vote is increasing at a marvelous rate, and we intend to push our propaganda work and elect more representation for the fall of 1904. Our most active members are in Butte, in Silver Bow Count , and in Anaconda in Deer Lodge County. In the latter place, last fall, the Social- ists elected all their candidates, including four repre- sentatives to the legislature, and this spring the mu- nicipal elections were indeed an eye-opener to the old party politicians.

Anaconda elected her entire ticket from mayor down, and Butte elected one alderman, and lost bal- ance of ticket by a very small minority. The old parties combined to beat the Socialist, but the comrades made a good fight, and say that they will fix them the next time sure.

One year ago there was only 6 locals in the state; at present we have 30. One of the locals has 315 active members. The conditions in mining centers are mak- ing Socialists very fast, and the rural districts are drop- ping in line as they see that their only interest lies with us. The unions are beginning to see that there is strength only at the ballot box, and as soon as the

Fraternally Yours,

Dr. George A. Willett, State Secretar , Helena, Montana.

The Movement in New Jersey.

I think that if the movement in New Jersey dif- fers materially from that in other states, it is because of peculiar difficulties there, and not because of lack of interest or desire for growth. Out of the 21 counties in the state, Hudson is the best organized, has 18 branches and self-sustaining headquarters, a well- drilled corps of speakers and distributors of literature. The holding of branch and outdoor meetings is so regu- lated and systematized as to fairly entitle it to be called a continuous performance. Next in point of effective effort comes Bergan. The branches are few and far between and numerically small, but they are all work- ers. The work they have accomplished in the past year is out of all proportion to what could have reasonably been expected of them, and if they keep up this pace, Hudson will have to look to her laurels. Essex has a

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