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Published in The Appeal to Reason [Girard, KS], whole no. 398 (July 18, 1903), pp. 2-5. - page 9 / 14





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Reports of State Secretaries, Socialist Party of America [1903]


county organization and 9 branches. It is the best field for propaganda in the state, figuratively speaking; the soil is rich, but not well tilled, consequently the crops gathered are disappointingly small for so fertile a sec- tion. Morris is the most hotly contested section in the whole state. The masters have come to the realization of the need of action, and so they put every obstacle in the way and make it well nigh impossible for converts to our faith to earn their bread. Notwithstanding the awful odds, we have established 3 branches in the county and now have a resident deputy state organizer to give continuous battle and fortify every foothold gained. Atlantic, Sussex, Cumberland, Union, Passa- ic, Camden, and Mercer each have a county organiza- tion and are doing good work. These locals, with their branches, are thoroughly class-conscious, are harmo- nious and militant.

It will be seen that we have an organization in 11 of the 21 counties. In several of the other counties we have comrades who affiliate as members at large. New Jersey is a battlefield which does not admit of skirmishing, but entails a continuous fight with our entire force. Every foot of the territory must be fought for. While the odds are heavy, we have the inspiration and courage born of the knowledge that every man enrolled is a fighter and is eager for the fray. There will be no need to tell our sister states that we are coming! We’ll be found on every contested field in this struggle.

This article would be incomplete without men- tioning the women who have come to see that politi- cal and economic equality of the sexes can be obtained through Socialism and have become class-conscious and embraced our faith are taking part in our councils and rendering most effective work in other ways.


H.R. Kearns

state. Today the organization has increased its strength until it consists of 1700 members, distributed into 45 locals and 36 branch organizations, located in 42 coun- ties or nearly one-half of the total counties in the state. At the November elections in 1900 a total of 4,659 votes were cast. One year later in the election of 1902, this was increased to 7,359, and in the fall election of 1902 this was again increased to the sum of 14,276.

These figures, both in organization numbers and in the vote, show clearly the progress that has been made in the Buckeye state. Much hard and sacrificing work has been done to gain this position and the work is now being pressed forward with greater vigor than ever before. Owing to the increased numbers in orga- nization we are enabled to carry on the work on a larger scale and it can be said with perfect safety that the ratio in the fall elections of 1903 will be fully up to the standard of the three previous elections.

Never before has the work in Ohio been carried on in such a systematic manner as this season. Experi- ence of the past campaigns has proven beyond a doubt that the regular systematic work in organization and agitation counts for far more than any spasmodic kind. Speakers need to be used with the least possible ex- pense and their efforts must be made before the larg- est audiences obtainable.

There are 21 Congressional Districts in Ohio. Each district has a member of the state committee. Each one of these districts has one or more organized locals in it so that we have a full state committee who are endeavoring to push the propaganda work in their respective districts to the best possible advantage.

The work for this fall’s campaign has already begun in earnest. There are now two speakers in the field touring constantly and the third person will be added within the next few weeks. The next move will then be to place a regular organizer at work who will do nothing but organize the unorganized territory.This

Socialist Movement in Ohio.

On June 1st, 1902, the organized Socialist move- ment in Ohio consisted of 550 members, distributed into 29 locals and 10 branch organizations, located in 28 different counties of a total of 88 counties in the

will give us at the last calculation three speakers and one organizer working constantly in the state every day of the campaign. This number will be augmented later on towards the close of the campaign by several others who will take the field for tours of from one to three weeks. In addition to this we have constantly at work in the largest cities speakers of local prominence, who are almost daily expounding the Socialist philoso- phy from the various corners and halls.

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