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Social workers

Chaplains / spiritual care givers

Professionals able to deliver psychological support equivalent to Level 3 of the psychological support model

In addition to the staff outlined above, the guidance also recommends that the specialist palliative care teams should have access to the full portfolio of supportive services, including:

Psychological services

Social support services

Rehabilitation support services

Spiritual support services

Input from site-specific cancer multidisciplinary teams

Services for families and carers

Pain specialist with expertise in nerve blocking and neuro-modulation techniques

Inpatient specialist palliative care services

The NICE Guidance further outlines the inpatient specialist palliative care facilities should be served by a specialist team (as outlined above), enhanced with nursing staff who have completed at least an introductory programme in the principles and practice of palliative care. It goes on to support that palliative care consultants should be supported by experienced medical staff so that medical cover can be provided on a 24 hours, seven days a week basis.

In addition, the core specialist multidisciplinary palliative care team should have access to an extended team of health and social care professionals who can provide services, as listed above.

Specialist palliative care day therapy services

Specialist palliative care day therapy facilities offer opportunities for assessment and review of patients’ needs and enable the provision of a range of physical, psychological and social care interventions within the context of interaction, mutual support and friendship.

Local Specialist Supportive and Palliative Care Day Therapy Services  

Specialist Supportive and Palliative Care Day Therapy services are available to patients in Salford at St Ann’s Hospices Little Hulton and Heald Green, as well as at the Neil Cliffe Cancer Care Centre (also part of St Ann’s) and the Trafford Macmillan Care Centre. A summary of the services available across these organisations is provided see Table 6

Day Therapy Services encompasses a range of services, which include:

Medical Palliative Care Clinics

Day Care

Supportive outpatients


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