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However, although there are solid foundations on which to build, this section also provides a focus on the further work, which is required to develop the supportive and palliative care services to meet the expectations and needs of local people and also ensuring that the local service configuration is fully compliant with the national recommendations in the NICE Guidance.  

The local workshops with front line staff identified following areas, as key to enhancing the delivery of supportive and palliative care locally.  These are:

Enhancing the current work on engaging with individuals and their families / carers.

Effectively co-ordinating care and support at key points in the system

Ensuring effective communication processes are in place both with individuals and their families as well as across the professional / organisations involved

Ensuring there is high quality information available tailored to meet the needs of the local community

Effective training and education is in place to develop both the generalist and specialist professionals working in supportive and palliative care

Ensuring that quality of the service is continually monitored and audited, the results of which will inform further service improvement

Financial resources should be aligned with the service model

The delegates also identified a range of actions within the above areas, which have been incorporated in to the following foundation elements of the local model for supportive and palliative care


A new vision was formulated and considered at the planned workshops, with all stakeholders.

“All people, including their families / carers, will be offered supportive and palliative care to meet their individual (and family) needs and aspirations, from the point a diagnosis is made (irrespective of what this is).  This care and support will be provided in a flexible way by suitably qualified and trained staff, in a location of the individual’s / families and carers choice”


The underpinning principles of this strategy for the future redesign and development of Supportive and Palliative Care services are:

Engagement of individuals and their families / carers

Community /primary care based

Effectively co-ordinated

Single access point

Single assessment

Flexible and proactive


Open, honest, transparent and sensitive communication

Services for everyone

Evaluation and performance management

Appropriately trained and qualified staff


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