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In reality it was found that the foundations laid lost their integrated and comprehensive focus through a multitude of policies, legislation and structures pertaining to all spheres of government that created a great deal of confusion and that impacted negatively on development and growth.

At National level, Green papers, White papers, Bills and Acts were formulated that overlapped with each other and that lacked simplicity and direction in allocating responsibility and accountability.

At Provincial level great effort was made to formulate North West 2010 as an integrated development plan that carried the blessing of government, business, labour and other civil society structures, but integrated implementation and delivery then faltered because of inconsistency in communication and application at all levels.

At Local level the Development Facilitation Act in 1995 introduced principles and procedures to speed up the formulation of land development objectives and delivery.  Subsequent legislation to transform local government structures such as the Municipal Systems Act 32 of 2000 introduced integrated development planning as function and responsibility and produced directives that replaced the formulation of land development objectives. Although attempts were made to insist that national and provincial policies, plans and legislation set the basis for these plans, allowances had to be made to recognise independence and innovations from "grassroots level" upwards.

The problem facing the province is thus a danger to be drowned in ineffectiveness and inefficiency because of:

Policy documents that are all credible products individually, but create confusion and delays because of a lack of harmonisation between them;

A multitude of legislation that are each designed to regulate society in terms of the policies formulated, but that has become a stumbling block for efficient delivery;

Resource use plans to regulate effective and sustainable development, but not one of these plans synchronised into common objectives and one regulatory framework that offers definite and simple solutions within the shortest time span possible.

A magnitude of strategic and development plans at all three spheres without a common planning framework that apply and discipline to ensure that plans integrate and compliment each other;

Institutional structures that have not been restructured in terms of a common planning framework established and a harmonised set of policies, acts and plans;

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