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Environmental Issues

Change of land use and associated impacts.

Compact cities and urban sprawl

Loss of habitat and Biodiversity

Energy, telecommunications, sanitation, housing, social development and transport infrastructure

Compliance to NEMA Principles

Sustainable Development

The current LDO/IDP’s for the province are focused on social and economic sustainability with a lack of integration of environmental sustainability considerations.

Integration of Environmental Considerations into Decision Making

Most LDO/IDP’s for the province lack integration of environmental considerations

Participation, Empowerment and Transparency

There has generally been little or no participation by people from an environmental perspective

Consultants largely facilitate LDO/IDP processes without consideration of Environmental issues

Environmental Justice and Equity

Effective IDP’s should result in a more equitable access to environmental resources, such as clean drinking water.

Ecological Integrity

Only some LDO/IDP’s contain zoning and plans to protect sensitive areas.  An approach to incorporate and plan for open space, watersheds and sensitive areas is required.

Co-operative Governance

There is poor co-ordination and co-operative governance relating to the LDO/IDP process in the province in general.  Environmental issues and sustainable development are not sufficiently addressed in this process

Compliance to Relevant Environmental Legislative Provisions


LDO/IDP’s need to adhere to provincial EIP and NEMA Principles in Terms of Section 16 (4) of NEMA.

Existing Arrangements for Co-operative Governance and Environmental Management

DACE is represented on the Development Tribunal

Provincial guidelines for drafting LDO’s further enforce environmental provisions and DFA principles and require comment by DACE.

Recommendations for Co-operative Governance and Environmental Management

That the proposed Provincial Sustainable Development Framework together with it’s provincial planning legislation and strategic spatial zonation plan be used to guide the development of IDP’s

That all IDP’s be assessed by the proposed Provincial Committee for Environmental Co-ordination to make recommendations to the MEC for Developmental Local Government and Housing regarding approval or any amendments required with due reference to the Provincial Sustainable Development Framework.

That the Department of Developmental Local Government and Housing and DACE develop a training programme for Local Authorities on the integration of environmental issues into IDP processes.

4.2.3. Municipal Bulk Infrastructure


The provision of bulk infrastructure within municipal boundaries through various programmes such as the Consolidated Municipal Infrastructure Programme (CMIP) whereby Department of Developmental Local Government and Housing approves and funds Bulk Infrastructure Projects. CMIP is a national programme overseen by the Department of Provincial and Local Government (National)

In most cases the approval of CMIP projects is in support of housing related projects approved by the Provincial Housing Directorate.

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