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Sustainable Development

Limited recycling of waste in the province.  Private sector initiatives drive recycling efforts.  Generally medical waste is not disposed of in a responsible manner.  In many cases incineration is not possible and medical waste is discarded as general waste.

Only 17 of the 79 landfill sites in the province are permitted and comply to ‘DWAF Minimum Requirements for Waste Disposal by Landfill’

Integration of Environmental Considerations into Decision Making

Waste management is by landfill and/or incineration, there is no waste separation and recycling on a provincial level.

Landfills have limited lifespan and closure is often not considered in un-permitted landfill.

There is limited implementation of National Waste Management Strategy and Action Plan.

Participation, Empowerment and Transparency

Scavenging is a problem on many landfills and communities are generally not informed about environmental health risks.

DACE does promote small-scale waste recycling projects.

Environmental Justice and Equity

Collection, disposal and treatment of waste not uniformly applied across all local authorities and often inadequate in previously disadvantaged and poorly resourced areas.

Ecological Integrity

Many landfills are not permitted by DWAF and thus may not comply with all these principles

Co-operative Governance

DWAF issues permits for municipal landfills i.t.o. the ECA.

Compliance to Relevant Environmental Legislative Provisions

R1182, R1183, R1184 (EIA)

EIA’s for incinerators in the province are not uniformly applied.


Incorrect disposal of medical waste in many cases.

Many Landfill Sites are not permitted in terms of the relevant sections of this act and thus in effect operate illegally.

Arrangements for Co-operative Governance and Environmental Management

DWAF permits general waste sites as per sections 20 and 24 of the ECA.

At present there is no general provincial strategy to ensure Integrated Waste Management at all Local Authorities.  The Integrated Pollution and Waste Management White Paper and the National Waste Management Strategies and Action Plans for South Africa have not been operationalised in the province

Recommendations for Co-operative Governance and Environmental Management

DACE and the Department of Health to develop a medical waste management policy and strategy for the province, consistent with the IP&WM White Paper.

The development of first-generation waste management plans to be included in the IDP’s.

IPWM must be implemented with clear allocation of roles and responsibilities

4.2.6. Provincial Roads


Provide a provincial roads infrastructure by managing the construction and rehabilitation of roads.

Maintain the Provincial roads infrastructure.

Planning, designing and surveying of new roads.

Governing Laws and Policies

Road Ordinance of Transvaal 22 of 1957

Advertising on Roads and Ribbon Development Act, 21 of 1940

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