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Responsible Authority/ies

Department of Transport, Roads and Public Works

Environmental Issues

Ribbon Development

Loss of habitat and Biodiversity

Borrow pits

Road shoulder maintenance

Impact on sensitive environments

Transformation of landscapes

Aesthetic impacts

Pollution (water, dust, noise)

Compliance to NEMA Principles

Sustainable Development

EIA procedures are complied with for all provincial road construction.  Many of these issues are addressed at the project level through the EIA process.  Accordingly environmental issues, related to dust abatement and waste management are addressed in contracts for specific projects.

Integration of Environmental Considerations into Decision Making

Addressed if EIA is complied with.

Participation, Empowerment and Transparency

All road projects have community stakeholder participation through site meetings.

Issues related to public safety during the construction phases are addressed.

Environmental Justice and Equity

The Occupational Health and Safety Act is adhered to and issues related to rights of workers are addressed

Ecological Integrity

Addressed through EIA

Problems experienced with the use of herbicides in road shoulder maintenance programmes

Co-operative Governance

EIA’s are compiled

Compliance to Relevant Environmental Legislative Provisions

R1182, R1183, R1184 (EIA)

EIA’s are compiled for all new roads.


Partial compliance to legal provisions for EMPR’s under the Minerals Act for the use of borrow pits.  Older borrow pits have not been rehabilitated.

Existing Arrangements for Co-operative Governance and Environmental Management

Design and construction of roads is carried out by consultants appointed by the Department and/or by the Department itself.  Consultants are appointed for EIA’s where required in terms of the law.

Joint project with DACE regarding road shoulder maintenance

Recommendations for Co-operative Governance and Environmental Management

Department to formalise an agreement with DACE for the eradication of declared weeds from road reserves and the training of road maintenance teams in weed control.

“Environmental clause” to be included in all road contracts and the terms of reference for contracts will reflect this requirement.

DACE and Department of Transport, Roads and Public Works will jointly develop guidelines for integrating environmental issues into road construction and maintenance.

4.2.7. Public Property


To plan and develop public property and the maintenance and management thereof.  

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