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Ensure compliance by the Department of Transport, Roads and Public Works, the Department of Health and the Department of Education to EIA regulations.

The development of guidelines for the integration of environmental issues (e.g.. energy and water efficiency, waste and recycling) into property management, development and maintenance.

An ‘environmental clause’ to be included in all contracts related to property management, development and maintenance.

4.2.8. Agriculture


The regulation and management of the natural resource base with respect to the agricultural sector, agricultural resources and agricultural development in the province, involving the rendering of agricultural extension services, agricultural technical support services, entrepreneurial development support, and veterinary services.

Primary agricultural production in the province includes livestock, dryland crop, horticulture production.

Governing Laws and Policies

Conservation of Agricultural Resources Act, 1983

Controlled diseases Act

Meat Safety Act

Responsible Authority/ies

Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Environment

Department of Agriculture (national)

Environmental Issues

Change of land use and associated impacts

Water and land pollution (fertilisers, pesticides/herbicides)


Loss of habitat and Biodiversity

Sensitive environments

High water consumption

Changes in soil properties (hydrological, salinisation, structural)

Loss of agricultural land to urban development

Sub-division of agricultural land and peri-urban development

Compliance to NEMA Principles

Sustainable Development

Agriculture addresses the establishment of food security

The Department takes a leading role in ensuring that sound conservation practices and that animal health is implemented.  

Training is being provided to prospective farmers, advisors, farm managers and technicians in colleges.  

Non-formal training is being provided to beneficiaries of land reform, farm workers and other interested groups.  

There is no formal provincial programme to research, develop and promote water efficiency across all sectors of agriculture.  

A lack of research into sustainable technologies and product diversification.

There is consideration of alternative farming strategies, such as integrated pest management, organic farming and agroforestry.

LANDCARE is being implemented in the province

Integration of Environmental Considerations into Decision Making

Soil and water conservation is considered in planning.

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