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such as DME, DWAF and DLA.

The duties of the PCEC will include the following:

Scrutinising, reporting and making recommendations on the Provincial EIP

Drive the development of the Provincial Sustainable Development Framework, associated provincial planning legislation and spatial zonation plan

Assess and make recommendations on the IDP’s of local government to secure compliance with the NEMA principles

Make recommendations regarding the harmonising of the environmental functions of all relevant Provincial Departments and spheres of Government

Scrutinising and making recommendations on the Provincial EIP compliance report

Co-ordinating any other environmental functions which may be necessary by the Province, such as the SOER and the Report on Sustainable Development

The secretariat of the PCEC will be housed in the Directorate Environmental Management: DACE


Provincial Liaison Committee (PLC)

The PLC is a co-ordinating body housed in the Provincial DWAF offices. The primary focus is on water and forestry issues in the Province.

According to the proposed structure, the PLC would have representatives from the following bodies:

DWAF (National & Provincial)


Department of Local Government & Traffic

Premier’s Office

Representatives from other Departments


District Councils

Water Boards


Inter Government Relations Forum

Since many policies, plans & programmes have some impact on water, this forum can screen these activities to some degree. With regard to the environment, the following tools can be used in decision making:

Existing EIP

Provincial Sustainable Development Framework

Provincial State of Environment Report (SOER)

Environmental Potential Atlas (ENPAT) for North West


North West Local Government Association (NORWELOGA)

NORWELOGA is representative of both the political and technical personnel of municipalities. Meetings take place every 2nd month.

The primary function of NORWELOGA is the following:

Discuss new legislation that affects local authorities

Discuss problems & challenges that face local authorities

Serve as a platform for learning from other local authorities

Invite other organisations (government & private) to share information

It is recommended that DACE be represented in this forum. The main functions of this representative would be:

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