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To integrate EIP and IDP/LDO's as indicated in Section 16(4)(b) of NEMA

Promote tools such as the Provincial Sustainable Development Framework in decision making

Provide guidelines for environmental issues in decision making


Local Economic Development Forum (LEDF)

The LEDF is established under the direction of the National Department of Provincial & Local Government and is co-ordinated by the Department of Developmental Local Government and Housing. Other representatives include the Department of Economic Development and Tourism; Department of Agriculture, Conservation & Environment (Agriculture unit); Department of Public Works, Roads & Transport (Public Works unit); and representatives from the District Council. Meetings take place once every two month.

The function of the LEDF is to:

Co-ordinate the funds for municipal development (local economic development fund)

Screen & prioritise projects for funding

As this is a forum that can identify programmes & projects that can have an impact on the environment, the following is recommended:

A representative from the Environmental Management unit of DACE be part of the LEDF

Guidelines be developed for the inclusion of environmental issues in decision making

Use tools such as the Provincial Sustainable Development Framework for screening of projects


A re Ageng

A re Ageng is a consultative forum with representatives of Government (Provincial and Local), business, labour and civil society.  It is a provincial replication of the NEDLAC forum aimed at consulting and advising on policy, legislative and developmental issues in the province.  As such the forum provides a useful vehicle to consult and raise awareness around sustainable development and environmental management policy, legislation, plans and programmes.

The following tools can be used for this purpose:

Existing EIP

Provincial Performance Report on Sustainable Development

Provincial Sustainable Development Framework

Provincial State of Environment Report (SOER)

Environmental Potential Atlas (ENPAT) for North West


Tools for Environmental Management


North West Sustainable Development Framework

This tool has been outlined in detail in section 2 of this EIP as it provides the overarching policy, legislative and planning framework for sustainable development in the province, of which the EIP will be a part. Also see  annexture  8.4.


North West State of Environment Report (SoER)

A North West State of the Environment Report is currently being developed as a mechanism for monitoring and reporting on the state of the environment. One of the objectives of the Provincial State of the Environment Report is to provide a reference framework of sustainable development indicators against which environmental management performance of government functions and activities can be assessed. The SoER should be used as a decision support tool by government and should be the basis for guiding key policy decisions around environmental management for the province.  The SoER will be published for the

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