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Province bi-annually.


North West Performance Report on Sustainable Development

South Africa is a signatory to the Rio Declaration under which the Agenda 21: Programme of Action for Sustainable Development has been developed and adopted.  This programme promotes the integration of environment and development to satisfy basic human needs, improve living standards for all, better protect and manage ecosystems and ensure a more prosperous future.  

The Province is obliged to monitor its progress in achieving the objectives of Agenda 21 in terms of Section 26 (2) of NEMA which requires an annual performance report on sustainable development to be compiled for the country.  An Annual Performance Report on Sustainable Development will be compiled by the Province to feed into the National Report. This report will be co-ordinated by DACE with the input and co-operation of the other Departments of the Province.


North West Bio-diversity Conservation Strategy

As a rural province, most development potential and competitive advantage lies in our natural resource base therefore, an effective Bio-diversity conservation strategy is required for the identification of key conservation areas for the adequate protection of heritage, landscapes of significant importance, bio-diversity rich areas and threatened species.  The North West Parks and Tourism Board and DACE will together take the leading role in this regard.


Environmental Capacity Building, Education and Awareness

In order to achieve sustainable development and effective environmental management  people and communities need to be empowered to take responsibility for the management of the quality of their own environment.  In the first instance, this involves creating public awareness around what constitutes environmentally sustainable development and their fundamental rights to a safe, healthy environment.  Secondly, it is important to build the institutional and technical capacity of government, business, labour and civil society to exercise these rights.  In this respect DACE is implementing the following:

Environmental Education is promoted in schools and through 4 environmental education centers in the province and is targeted at school – going youth.  

Awareness campaigns around environmental issues for the general public in the Province.

An environmental awareness programme on EIA for provincial and local government.  The objectives of which will be to ensure a clear understanding of EIA regulations, procedures and areas of co-operative governance.

An awareness programme on Agenda 21 issues as well as environmental rights and responsibilities in terms of NEMA.

Building the capacity of the Environmental NGO/CBO movement

Targeted developmental projects around economic opportunities presented in the environmental and conservation sectors e.g. waste recycling, tribal resource areas, conservancies.

Self-regulatory mechanisms such as EMS are seen as an integral component of effective environmental management in the province. The provincial government will undertake a monitoring role with regard to EMS in the province and will report on progress in this regard in the annual SoER.  DACE together with the Department of Economic Development and Tourism will undertake to promote EMS in Industry and the Agricultural sector

A programme to operationalise Integrated Pollution and Waste Management Strategy and Action Plans for South Africa by provincial and local government, the private sector, organised labour and civil society.


Environmental Impact Management and Mitigation

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