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as well as borrow pits and sand mining.

Conservation of Agricultural Resources Act (Act 43 of 1983)

The act regulates agricultural natural resources and the conservation, management and use thereof.  

The act is administered by the Department of Agriculture (national) and the Provincial agriculture departments.

The act:

Regulates the cultivation of virgin soils; cultivation of land with a slope; protection of cultivated land against erosion; protection of waterlogging and salination of irrigated land; utilisation and protection of vlei, marshes, water sponges and watercourses; utilisation and protection of veld and grazing management.

Provides for the declaration of weeds and invader plants and the control thereof.

Provides for weed and bush control schemes.

Provides for soil conservation schemes

Development Facilitation Act (Act 67 of 1995)

The act regulates the development of land and matters related thereto by:

Introducing extraordinary measures to facilitate and speed up the implementation of reconstruction and development programmes and projects in relation to land.

Laying down general principles governing land development.

Providing for the establishment in the provinces of development tribunals which have the power to make decisions and resolve conflicts in respect of land development projects.

Facilitating the formulation and implementation of land development objectives by reference to which the performance of local government bodies in achieving such objectives may be measured.

Providing for nationally uniform procedures for the subdivision and development of land in urban and rural areas.

Land Development Objectives (LDO’s)

In respect of all local government areas Land Development Objectives must be developed.  The LDO’s shall include:

The objectives of the relevant authority in relation to access to and standard of services for land development, including public transport and water, health and education facilities.

The objectives relating to urban and rural growth and form in the relevant area, including the sustainable utilisation of the environment, land-use control and the optimum utilisation of natural resources.

The development strategies of the relevant authority in relation to involvement of relevant sectors, administrative structures and access to finance for land development.

National Forests Act ( Act 84 of 1998)

The purpose of this act is to control and regulate activities related to the management of indigenous forests, woodlands and plantations in South Africa by:

Promoting the sustainable management and development of forests for the benefit of all.

Creating the conditions necessary to restructure forestry in state forests.

Providing special measures for the protection of certain forests and trees.

Promoting the sustainable use of forests for environmental, economic, educational, recreational, cultural, health and spiritual purposes.

Promoting community forestry.

Promoting greater participation in all aspects of forestry and the forest products industry by persons disadvantaged by unfair discrimination.

National Water Act ( Act 36 of 1998)

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