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The purpose of the act is to regulate the protection, use, development, conservation, management and control of water resources through inter-alia:

The development of a national water resource strategy.

The establishment of Catchment Management Agencies and Water User Associations and Catchment Management Strategies.

The classification of water resources and resource quality objectives

Pollution prevention and emergency incidents

Controlling and authorising water use activities

Financial provisions for water use

White Paper on Energy Policy for RSA (1998)

The policy sets out Governments vision and strategic goals for the energy sector in the country, including both demand sector and supply sector objectives.  The policy includes cross-cutting issues such as energy efficiency and environmental, health and safety.

Transvaal Nature Conservation Ordinance (12 of 1983)

The purpose of this ordinance is to consolidate and amend laws relating to nature conservation and to provide matters incidental thereto. It consists of ten chapters, which are summarized below:

Chapter 1 deals with the establishment of Nature Conservation Division, Nature Conservation Advisory Board and Nature Conservation Advisory Committees, and Appointment Of Officers.

Chapter 2 concerns the declaration of Nature Reserves.

Chapter 3 deals with Protected Game, Ordinary Game, Protected Wild Animals and their hunting.

Chapter 4 provides the procedure for Professional Hunters and Hunting-Outfitters

Chapter 5 deals with problem animals, clubs for their hunting, constitution of clubs and office bearers.

Chapter 6 deals with Fisheries.

Chapter 7 deals with the Indigenous Plants.

Chapter 8 concerns the Endangered and Rare Species of Flora and Fauna.

Chapter 9 is about Trading In and Preservation of Cave – Formations.

Chapter 10 is General – deals with the issuing of Licences, Permits and Exemptions.

Cape Nature and Environmental Conservation Ordinance (19 0f 1974)

The purpose of this ordinance is to consolidate and amend the laws relating to nature and environmental conservation and to provide for matters incidental thereto. It consists of seven chapters, which are as follows:

Chapter 1 – Definitions and Establishment of Department of Nature and Environmental Conservation and Advisory Committee.

Chapter 2 – Establishment of Provincial, Local and Private Nature Reserves; and Prohibitions on Hunting and Picking of Flora in those Areas.

Chapter 3 – Miscellaneous Nature and Environmental Conservation Measures.

Chapter 4 – Protection of Wild Animals other than Fish.

Chapter 5 – Protection of Fish In Inland Waters.

Chapter 6 – Protection of Flora.

Chapter 7 – General and Supplementary. Bophuthatswana Nature Conservation Act ( Act 3 of 1973)

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