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will be any. The present project will focus on strengthening and streamlining the existing provincial, district municipal and local municipal level decision making and service delivery systems with special reference to environment related decision making and services. Whenever appropriate, the project will work in close collaboration with the eventual PIMS centres in this work, and thereby also strengthening the capacities of the such centres.

The Department for International Development (DFID) of UK has provided management support to the Northern Province Department of Agriculture and Environmental Affairs (NPDAE). Environmental affairs was recently attached to the Department of Agriculture. The environmental management capacity of the department was found to be very weak. The proposed new preparatory phase for the environmental management support is proposed to include strategic work such as:

defining mission statement and objectives for NPDAE and possibly districts under it

defining specific provincial and district environmental objectives with targets to monitor performance

statements for developing partnerships for environmental management and the contracting out of environmental functions and services

human resource development and training needs assessment for the staff

formulation of written job descriptions and detailed work plans for senior and middle management

undertaking a review of the existing environmental management policy and legislative framework at provincial and local government levels, and to provide assistance on policies and measures that will promote better environmental management opportunities within the province

develop and coordinate a communication strategy for the department.

The DFID support to NPDAE includes many similarities to the present proposed project, and coordination and collaboration between these two projects in two neighbouring provinces could prove to be beneficial. DFID is proposed to recruit (i) an Environmental Management and Policy Advisor, and (ii) short term specialist in Environmental Legislation for their project.

Government of Denmark through DANCED has been a major donor to the Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism (DEAT), supporting e.g. the Environmental Capacity Building Unit (ECBU) of DEAT. A new proposal for implementing the prepared strategy for environmental capacity building is proposed to focus on (i) follow on of NEMA, (ii) Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) implementation, and (iii) waste management. Danced is also planning to support some pilot projects aiming to help in the implementation of National Waste Management Strategy which has been produced with earlier support from DANCED. Some of the activities are planned to take place in North West province. The proposed DANCED projects are likely to provide excellent and important contributions also to the present proposed project. Close coordination and cooperation are recommended.

USAID has been supporting training and other capacity building in environment sector throughout the country. Capacity building courses related to local Agenda 21 targeted to responsible officials of local governments have been subcontracted to the University of Cape, which has established cooperation arrangements with several local universities throughout the country, however, none yet in the North West province. A training course directly organised by the University of Cape was carried out in February-March 2001 in the province. Cooperation between the present project and USAID support is strongly recommended.


Overall Objectives

Improved environmental sustainability of development processes in the North West province and thereby the quality of life of the population

North West province is a part of South Africa where the present industrial society and traditional rural communities meet each others. Poverty is common especially in rural areas. The environment in the province is suffering from industrial and other pollution, but there are also some pieces of land which maintain rich nature. Environmental protection has not traditionally been a priority issue in the province. Recently, the province has started its own Agenda 21 process as a part of “The North West 2010” strategy formulation to build a more sustainable base for the future. The process in underlining the need to join environmental issues into the decision making together with social and economic

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