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dimensions, which at the moment seem to dominate the discussion on sustainability in the province. With the proposed integrated decision making approach the province wants to turn its development into more sustainable direction by giving more emphasis also to the environmental dimension of sustainable development.

Realisation of the above-stated overall objective is proposed to be measured with indicators which represent the three basic sustainability elements; economy, social equity and environmental protection. The proposed indicators are;

-Economic development: GDP / capita (readily available on annual basis)

-Social progress: HDI index (readily available on annual basis)

-Environmental improvement; environmental indicator(s) to be developed (e.g. water and air quality indexes, and waste index)

Other indicators may also be identified and used as appropriate (to be defined in the first Annual Work Plan of the Project.

Project Purpose

The main purpose of the project is to improve the existing environment-related decision making processes in North West and make them more efficient without compromising environmental values and needs. After the project is finished, the environmental considerations are truly addressed in the Integrated Development Planning frameworks at provincial, district and local municipal levels, and the capacities of the respective administrative organisations strengthened regarding their environmental responsibilities. Local level environmental management projects are under implementation in 1-2 districts. Time needed for decision making is shortened remarkably and the environmental aspects are well presented and transparent in the decision making process. People who are participating in the decision making processes are well trained and the common capacity in environmental-related decision making is improved.

At the moment, the decision-making is suffering from poorly coordinated and divided responsibilities between different authorities and other stakeholders. Normal permitting of e.g. development plans may take up to 18 months or longer. Environmental responsibilities belong to different authorities and the division of responsibilities among them is not always clear. Environmental Impact Assessment procedures are not always functioning properly. The implementation and monitoring of decisions and permits is often poor.

To monitor the success in reaching the project purpose the following indicators are proposed to be used:


The new decision making and service delivery systems are used at provincial, district and local municipal levels and by all relevant regional authorities and other stakeholders.


Time to take decisions is shortened and environmental aspects are a visible part of decision making processes.


Provincial law which regulates sustainable development decision making process and guides the districts and local municipalities and other stake­holders

Provincial Government has a legal mandate to establish provincial laws, which are in compliance with the existing national legislation. In this case a tailored law will be prepared to support the idea and targets of integrated sustainable decision-making in the province. The idea of this kind of approach is presented in the White Paper on Environmental Management Policy and is currently being tested in some other provinces such as Kwa-Zulu Natal.

The new provincial legislation will provide guidelines for municipalities how to address environmental concerns in development decision making, say the regarding an application for establishment of a petrol filling station. The application would be submitted to the municipality and not the province, and the municipality has to ensure that the application complies with the guidelines issued by the province for such a category of development. The provincial government has to ensure that the municipality complies with its guidelines and need to monitor this.

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