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permitting waste water treatment plants and outlets (DWAF)


permitting construction of dams and other water reservoirs (DWAF)


permitting the use of natural resources in mining (Department of Minerals and Energy)


management of agricultural areas (Department of Agriculture)

Private sector is responsible for


Practical implementation of service installations and delivery

Resources related to the implementation of these processes and people working with them, are the main target group for capacity building activities. This is implemented in the framework of a single sustainable development decision-making process. Special attention will be paid to the capacity building of the staff of the Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Environment to strengthen their role in monitoring the environment and producing data concerning the state and trends of the quality of the environment in the province, which are needed to support the decision making and to help in the evaluation of the effects and operational efficiency from the environmental protection point of view.

Pilot projects and grass root level activities are ongoing in selected munici­palities

Two major pilot projects will be initiated and implemented as a part of the project. The other one will be operating in Rustenburg/Bojanala Platinum district municipality and it will focus on more efficient recycling systems in the district area by facilitating the development of the source separation and collection systems of domestic and commercial waste in the region. Domestic waste will be recycled both in informal and formal settlements in different parts of the municipality. This component will be closely linked with ongoing waste management development process in Rustenburg district co-financed by EU, municipality and private sector and which is aiming to open a new landfill site in the municipality in near future. Amount of recycled waste will be increased remarkably and the awareness of the people regarding waste management and recycling will be improved.

The other sub-component will be more closely connected to the development of environmental issues as a part of the governmental housing projects in the province. Main focus is here on issues like waste management, sanitation and wastewater purification and establishment and maintenance of community green areas. Province government is supporting the building of some 15-18 000 new houses annually in different parts of the province and some of the housing projects will be selected as pilot areas. In these pilot areas the waste management will be organized by promoting waste recycling, and wastewater management is improved by different solutions, which will be developed and tested during the project. Peoples' awareness on environmental issues will be improved.

Another pilot district with pilot local municipalities will be selected during the course of the first year of project implementation.

The North West Eco Fund supported grass root level projects aim to help organized and citizens groups, schools and other stakeholders to improve their own environmental situation by implementing small projects in their area. People will be trained and helped to initiate and identify local projects and to prepare applications for financial support. Local mass media will be used systematically to disseminate information on achievements. This subproject is very strongly focusing on grass root level awareness rising among historically disadvantaged and poor people.


Provincial Law

Drafting tentative instruments and processes for the provincial law, including the planning of improved delivery system, which will regulate sustainable development decision-making processes

A preparatory workshop will be arranged whereby the exact vision in terms of future roles and functions of the provincial departments and the strategy for execution of environmental regulatory functions be agreed upon upfront.

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