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fragmented nature of policy and legislation relating to environmental management, both horizontally between departments and vertically between spheres of government, EIP’s are important statutory instruments promoting co-operative environmental governance, as a means to align policies, plans, programmes and decisions with respect to the environment.


Purpose of the Environmental Implementation Plan (EIP)

This first edition North West Province Environmental Implementation Plan (EIP) is a statutory instrument which will facilitate the development of a long term sustainable development policy, legislative and planning framework for the province, of which the EIP will be a part. Attsched  in  annexture  7.3  is  a  report  on  support  to  environment  and sustainable  development  in  North  West  Province.

The specific output of the EIP will result in the alignment of policy, legislation, plans, programmes and decision making and thus, more effective and integrated co-operative governance of environmental management functions and activities.  


Structure of the Report

In this context, the report consists of the following components:

Firstly, to outline the proposed long term sustainable development policy, legislative and planning framework for the province.

Secondly, in the absence of a rigorous set of sustainable development and environmental management indicators, to establish a reference framework comprised of NEMA Principles, existing policy and law against which environmental performance can be assessed.  

Thirdly, to identify key functions and activities of government that may affect the environment and describe the present state of environmental management of these, outlining areas of environmental co-operative governance, existing areas of environmental non-compliance by organs of state as measured against the above reference framework. This section also provides a description of existing institutions, procedures and mechanisms for ensuring co-operative governance around environmental management in the Province. Specific recommendations for ensuring co-operative governance around the environmental management of key functions are also included.

Fourthly, to provide recommendations regarding the institutional arrangements to ensure co-operative governance around environmental management and the tools required to ensure that government functions comply with environmental laws and thus effective integrated sustainable development.

Finally,  to provide an implementation plan.

It should be noted that environmental management comprises cross-cutting functions and activities that involve many Departments, each individually responsible for budgeting and planning. As such this first edition EIP has not been fully integrated into MTEF of the Departments in the Province. Some of the recommendations presented here must still be ratified and will be reported on through the annual report in terms of Section 16(1)(b) of NEMA.

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